How To Unlock A Car Using SMS [Text Message]

Even though we do not encourage you to try this with someone’s car, here is how to unlock a car using a text message — a pair of security experts at at the Black Hat security conference have claimed they can unlock cars with text message, and have warned that hackers can use the same technology to unlock and hack away your car and other automobiles.

Two security consultant (ethical hackers) have used text messages to unlock the doors and start the engine of a brand new Subaru Outback. This event was conducted by two security researchers from iSec Partners named Don Bailey and Matthew Solnik. Don and Matthew got an Android phone and used a technique they referred to as “war texting” wherein they used two unnamed remote control products that are for locking and unlocking.

The men set up a GSM network and, after just a couple of hours, hacked the password and authentication messages sent between the server and the car.

With this information, they were able to send text messages that opened the doors and brought the car engine to life, effectively allowing them to steal the Outback off the conference floor. And we thought, controlling the 1969 Pontiac GTO via an iPod Touch was a cool hack!

Black Hat is an annual gathering of hackers and security professionals in Las Vegas. Researchers hope that by showing off how to hack certain systems, the computer industry will take steps to make infrastructure and consumers safer.

Don Bailey says he can unlock thousands of cars across the United States simply by sending a few texts from his Android phone. And that’s not even the scary part.

I could care less if I could unlock a car door,” Bailey told during the conference at Caesar’s Palace. “It’s cool. It’s sexy. But the same system is used to control phone, power, traffic systems. I think that’s the real threat,” he stated.

The hack affects many kinds of devices that connect to cellular GSM networks, like the one used by AT&T. As cars and plenty of other stuff — from pill bottles to trees — start connecting to cell grids and the Internet, they become more vulnerable.

It’s indeed worrisome that this technique could be used on traffic control systems, security cameras, SCADA sensors, which are employed in industrial systems like the power grid and water supply.

Thankfully, the research hackers said they would not reveal information about their hacking technology or any other vulnerable cars until manufacturers had the opportunity to make design changes. Keeps in mind that similar remote-control apps are used by General Motors, BMW and Mercedes.

Also check out – How to Send a Text Message (SMS) Using Email? At any rate, isn’t it concerning that modern cars like Subaru Outback can be hacked by something as simple as an SMS? What do you think? And talking about cars and technology, a new app has been released on the iTunes store by This app allows the user to browse a huge database of cars for sale. The cars are second hand but they include a huge range of manufacturers. Download the app for free today.


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