How to Jailbreak Windows Phone 7? Jailbreak (Unlock) ChevronWP7 is Released

If you were waiting for a jailbreak for your Windows Seven WP7 Phone for the sake of ‘freedom’ and whatever it is that gets you going through the day with a phone that can run apps with access to private APIs, here is great news! Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng and Chris Walsh have come up with the jailbreak called ChevronWP7, which lets you unleash the potential of your Windows Phone 7 phone.

How to Jailbreak Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak (Unlock) ChevronWP7 is Released

Three men have just done that, as Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh and Long Zheng put out the ChevronWP7 yesterday, an executable file that allows users to sideload apps to a Windows Phone 7 phone – making it possible to install software on the devices without going through Microsoft’s official Windows Marketplace.

Users only need to have their phone connected PC Computer via USA to unlock their latest phone. The unlocked phone gets the ability to run the application other than that of Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Microsoft is following the Apple strategy with Windows Phone 7 because it doesn’t allow application for outside source to be installed in the Windows Phone 7 powered phones and with ChevronWP7 it is no more a problem for “freedom” seekers.

Previously, only people with developer accounts on the Marketplace were able to do this. Now anyone with a Windows Phone 7 device, Windows XP SP2 or higher, and a USB cable connecting the phone to a PC can do it with ChevronWP7. However, according to the creators, expect issues with the app since it’s v1.0. Also, the download link seems to be missing so far [Microsoft interference, perhaps?], but as soon as it’s up, we’ll let you know.

Update: Download links up Now! and

How to jailbreak Windows Phone 7 Using ChevronWP7?

The tool is pretty straight forward to use; just download the tool, connect your phone, and run through the unlock tool. It’s straightforward, very low-risk and completely reversible. Of course you need to have Zune desktop software installed as well as a Windows Phone 7 device.

– If you’re encountering a connection error, try download/install the following registry key and restart your machine and try again
– Minimum supported OS: Windows XP SP2
– Please ensure your device has a “full sync” relationship with the Zune client, not a “guest” relationship

If you have a WP7 smartphone and try this jailbreak let us know if it’s as easy as the developers are stating it is.


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