How To Watch Movies and TV Online Using Your Computer

Possibly the biggest problem when you want to watch films online is the need to sit in front of a PC or laptop as you watch. Most of us don’t have our computers in a place that is set for relaxing, nor do we have machines that make the most of dynamic sound and expansive effects.

How To Watch Movies and TV Online Using Your Computer

While laptops can be taken to a more comfortable location, the problems with limited screen size (designed, after all, to be viewed from no more than 2-3 feet away) and weak speakers are still massive issues, and threaten to undermine the benefit of watching films online.

But this doesn’t have to be the problem that it initially seems.

Firstly, connecting laptops and PCs to the rest of your home entertainment system is no longer the domain of the hyper computer literate and requires no specialist software, as you might fear. One simple output cable switching the output from your computer or laptop costs little and allows you to watch films online in comfort and without losing any of the impact that modern films demand if they are going to be enjoyed to the full.

Not only this, but LOVEFiLM now offer new hardware that is ready to access their service and allow you watch films online through your television, without having to even worry about your computer. The service is available through certain Sony and Samsung TVs, as well as Sony Blu-Ray DVD players.

One assumes, too, that other products will be available before you know it, but having the entire LOVEFilM library attached to your TV may revolutionize the way that we think about films, in the same way that the lineage from Napster to Spotify, through the ubiquitous iTunes, has changed the way we keep our music libraries. With broadband speeds only getting faster, perhaps a personal library of films will become a thing of the past entirely.


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