How Well Do You Know Google? (10 Questions Quiz)

Google is a name that needs no introduction. I’m yet to see some internet user who has never used Google. Rather, I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t use Google on a daily basis. No wonder, this is one of the reasons why Google enjoys the number one spot in terms of web traffic. If you think you are a Google fan and know everything about Google, then I dare you. Take this 10 question quiz and see how many answers you get right. And remember to stop yourself from using Google (or other online sources) to find out the answers, until you attempt all the questions. All the best and “Don’t be Evil”! 😉

How Well Do You Know Google (10 Questions Quiz)

Google Inc. was founded in ____ ?
A.     1996
B.     1998
C.     2000
D.     1989

Which search operator does Google enable by default?
A.     The AND operator
B.     The OR operator
C.     The NOT operator
D.     Google Operator

Google once used Yahoo’s search result to feed its engine. True?
A.     Yes, from 1998-2000.
B.     No, it was the other way round – Yahoo used Google once.
C.     No, Google and Yahoo never had any search relationship.

What was the name of the search engine the Google founders developed before Google?
A.     PageRanker
B.     BackRub
C.     Gogol

Google limits query to how many words?
A.     There is no limit.
B.     65 (because the design engineer wanted to impress her colleagues)
C.     32 (naturally because it’s 2^5 or 2*2*2*2*2, an easy number for a computer to compute)

Google has 16 free cafeteria on its Mountainview Campus. Which of the following is not a theme?
A.     Nothing grown or processed more than 150 miles away
B.     Everything served has a rock-and-roll inspired name
C.     Food made with 5 components or less
D.     Portions served in measurements that are prime numbers

Directly before he was hired as Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt worked at?
A.     Netscape
B.     Apple
C.     Novell
D.     Sun

Google’s name is derived from the word “Googol”, which refers to a specific large number: a one followed by how many zeroes?
A.     100
B.     1,000
C.     10,000
D.     100,000

Larry and Sergey’s private plane is a:
A.     Boeing 737
B.     Boeing 747
C.     Boeing 767
D.     Boeing 707 once used as Air Force One

Google lets its engineers spend 20% of their time on a project of their own choosing. Which Google products did not come out of that free-time venture?
A.     GMail
B.     Google News
C.     Google Earth
D.     Orkut

I feel that it would be an insult if I provide the answers here myself. What could be a better way to see the right answers, other than using Google itself? Feel free to find out the right answers via Google and see how many questions you had correctly answered.  And yes, don’t forget to let us know your score via comment.


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