HP expanding its Battery Recall on some of its Notebooks for Fire Hazard

Beware HP Notebook users! According to the news, Hewlett-Packard Co. has recalled 54,000+ lithium-ion batteries used in HP and Compaq computers. According to the resources, Hewlett-Packard Co, has taken this step after receiving reports of injuries due to batteries overheating and rupturing.

This announcement was made on 21st of May 2010 by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. HP last week expanded the battery recall to cover about 54,000 more units that pose a fire hazard.

HP has expanded a battery recall on some of its notebooks for fire hazard

The recall came after two reports of the batteries overheating. According to the commission since then, HP has received 38 additional reports of the batteries overheating, causing 11 minor injuries. CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson added, “Those people were burned when they handled computers whose batteries had ruptured.

Batteries ruptured when they were subjected to long time charging and thus they could not regulate the excess heat as expected. According to Wolfson, the industry is working really hard to resolve this critical issue.

According to HP, the computers having this issue were sold in stores and also online from August 2007 through July 2008. The batteries were also sold separately. Friday’s recall does remind us about the recall in 2006-07 of nearly 10 million of a model by Sony batteries.

So if you use a Notebook of HP make, its time to have a check up done right now! We are almost sure that it would be much acceptable than having to deal with the Fire Brigade!


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