HTC Jetstream 10.1 Inch Honeycomb Tablet by AT&T

Hold your breath guys – HTC Jetstream 10.1 inch 4G Honeycomb Tablet is launching with AT&T on September 6. Undoubtedly, Verizon has remained extremely forceful with tackling the 4G LTE marketplace by delivering some of the best tablets and new mobile phones, ones like the HTC Jetstream, whilst AT&T rests casually while they anticipate their moment to unveil the switches. Instead of postponing the unavoidable, AT&T chose to progress with things by delivering to consumers their original 4G LTE supported tablet running Android Honeycomb, also referred to as the HTC Jetstream. But could it be the ultimate iPad killer? Read on to find out…

Since this one is the second tablet in the HTC smart gadget collection following the HTC Flyer, it meets all expectations consumers have and more because of its superb hardware “beneath the hood” to balance its capability of Internet surfing speedily not too far in the near future. Hence, its high cost factor from the beginning may outwardly upset its capacity to develop into a popular forge for AT&T’s future next-creation data arrangement. Some of AT&T’s cellular devices are not in the line of cheap mobile phones or devices.

The latest AT&T package consists of the following:

• microUSB cable
• Device charger – wall charger
• Quick Start Manual
• HTC Jetstream

HTC Jetstream 10.1 Inch Honeycomb Tablet Design:

Succeeding the identical design pattern developed through a previous device, the HTC Flyer, the HTC Jetstream has an appearance similar to the Flyer and feels like an even larger version of its seven-inch marketplace relative; however, it displays a darker gray and silver shade that is not really that bad-appearing in the least! It is actually quite attractive and striking! Above all, it radiates a fair quantity of sturdiness because of its polished aluminum covering and smooth-touch spots on its backside, however oddly, a decent tap on the rear exposes a bit of emptiness with this particular tablet.

It is neither the most streamlined tablet (a little over half an inch thick) or the lightest in weight, weighing only twenty-five ounces, in the marketplace, we prompted to remember one of Motorola’s previous designs, the XOOM, because there are a few likenesses. Is that fascinating? Certainly not; however, at any rate, it exemplifies every one of the features we regularly discover with additional leading market HTC devices.

Certainly, the newest AT&T development to enter the market in September of 2011 a great technological advancement in the line of new mobile phones; hence, it is not one of the cheap mobile phones, as the price for this latest device will start at around $700 USD.

HTC Jetstream Specs and Features:

• 10.1 inch Display – Bright HD Screen for the greatest entertainment encounter
• Multitasking Capabilities – 1.5 GHz-Dual-Processing Unit (CPU) – Snapdragon – MSM8260 — Qualcomm
• 4G LTE – The first one AT&T has developed and delivered to consumers
• Android (TM) – 3.1 Honeycomb – More than one thousand application options obtainable via the Android marketplace

Technical Specs:

• The new mobile phones have a battery (73 mAh volume) capable of functioning for around 12 hours – users can use the standby battery function (up to 37 ½ days)
• Weighs 25 oz. and is around 7 inches x 9.87 inches x .51 inches in size
• RAM (memory) – users can expand memory up to at least 32 Gigabytes – comes with 1 GB
• HD capacity (Hard Drive) – 32 GB
• Wireless capabilities – GSM, Edge, GPRS — Bluetooth capable – users can upgrade firmware via Internet and phone – over the air
• LTE – speeds of 4G LTE – 700/AWS – go online anywhere wireless Internet is available
• Global connectivity
• Go online through AT&T’s Data Network options – 3G connection
• Camera – Rear-facing and Front-facing
• OS (Operating System) Android – 3.1 Honeycomb
• Screen Resolution – 1280 x 800 (150 ppi)
• Screen kind – WXGA – colors 16 million – HD multifunction touch-screen
• Keyboard on screen in touch-screen format
• HTC Jetstream Ports – HDMI, Incorporated Microphone and microphone jack – connect speakers

Sizing everything up with one of the not so cheap mobile phones, however dreamy type of new tablet from AT&T, with screen pixels as listed above, it is unquestionably comprehensive enough to decipher even the tiniest of text, hence it is really somewhat beneath the point of the screen resolution utilized by additional comparable new mobile phones.

Truthfully, there is no reason for folks to be alarmed; however, the color development is somewhat flat looking, particularly when placed in comparison with the appealing color creation delivered with the Flyer’s screen. Regardless of that aspect, the tablets broad viewing points allow it to keep its view no matter what way users look at it. Consequently, during the HTC Jetstream review process, we have noticed that we need to shield the screen from the daylight while outside in order to see it because it does not have the greatest screen brightness.

Sadly, when it comes to new mobile phones on the marketplace, even though the HTC from AT&T has some dreamy features and great application alternatives, we were frustrated with a couple aspects regarding the Jetstream, the power button and the volume rocker function. Regrettably, we noticed that these buttons could be activated accidentally with the slightest bump. They are activated far too effortlessly and that can annoy consumers. These function buttons are positioned in locations where an individual’s palms sit upon the phone, hence, someone can hit them by accident and activate the volume or power occasionally.

HTC Jetstream Camera Capabilities and Features:

• Front-facing camera – 1.3 megapixels – Green LED light beside the camera, which turns on when the user starts the camera
• Bottom edge of mobile phone – consists of a port with microUSB/MHL capability that permits the phone to:
– Provides a reflected experience on an HD TV if users implement an adapter (MHL)
– Charge
– Transfer Technological Data

This particular model in new mobile phones has an easy to use power button and the power jack is 3.5 mm in size, the front-facing and rear-facing camera are great features as well, with flash capabilities (LED Flash). The volume rocker is a nice feature, but individuals will need to be careful not to activate by mistake, which might be an annoying aspect of the Jetstream by AT&T for some folks. The microUSB/MHL port is a characteristic many users will favor because several mobile phone users enjoy connecting additional products to their tablets by USB.

The Rear-Facing Camera and Speaker Notches:

• 8 megapixels, instant focus with LED flash (dual flash) – situated towards the better right corner of the phone
• Speaker notches – located close to the bottom border of the tablet
• When consumers remove the plastic cover that surrounds the phone’s camera, it is simpler to do than it is with the Flyer; however, after the plastic protector is removed, we notice that there are additional features, the micro SD card and SIM card slots.

While we performed the review, we found many great characteristics for the HTC Jetstream, delivered by AT&T in September 2011, and we noticed some annoyances consumers might endure. Even though this particular tablet might not be one of the cheap mobile devices on the market, costing around $700 USD as it enters the mobile phone/tablet Android marketplace, many individuals might enjoy the great capabilities we found while reviewing it and believe the money spent is well worth it to make it yet another best tablet alternative to Apple iPad.

Overall, the newest addition to the cell phone/tablet market offers people a new way to surf the World Wide Web, offering thousands of application options, allows people to go online globally and has wireless capabilities, touch screen options and more. Any way we slice the bread, consumers love having new mobile phones and/or tablets, even if they do cost a bit more and have a couple annoying things, people will still try the new HTC Jetstream by AT&T and enjoy modern technology at their fingertips.

Guest Author: This is a guest article by Jeremy Hayes is a tech junkie often blogging his opinions as well as experience with new technologies, especially new mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets.


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