Internet Explorer 9 Beta Arriving in September

If Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner is to be believed, Microsoft is getting ready to roll out IE version 9 this September. According to several recent leaks, Microsoft had been targeting August as its beta delivery target for IE 9. This beta is expected to be public (as the test previews have been), and to feature more of the user interface elements.

On July 29, reposted some screen shots from what they believe to be a newly leaked test build of IE 9. That build includes a new download manager, but doesn’t yet feature the new user interface. For all of its improvements, there’s a good chance that Microsoft’s browser will have been surpassed by its competition by the time it finally ships.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Arriving in September

The Web Developers are keenly waiting for the new browser. There is a significant improvement of Internet  Explorer 9 in comparison with Internet Explorer 8, with considerably improved standards compliance and functionality. The software giant has been releasing preview releases for testers and web developers. The basic idea is to  get the rendering engine correct before they put it in a useful interface.

This is a major update for the company as they are going to support a lot of new web technologies. This is going to make things easy for a lot of developers out there. One of the biggest improvements is expanded support for HTML5 and use of hardware acceleration. The stable edition is unlikely to arrive within this year though it would be cool if they can launch it by December 2010.


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