Internet Explorer: The Best and Most Useful Browser Ever

I believe in the saying  “nothing is useless and everything serves its purpose in one way or another“. I had always wondered about Internet Explorer’s purpose of being in the world till I saw this image that brings out the purpose of the browser (who said that IE is the most infamous browser and is of no use?):

Internet Explorer The Most Useful Browser Ever

The ONLY thing Internet Explorer is Good for is Downloading Firefox or Google Chrome!

But ironically, you don’t even need IE for that. If you need to download FF, just do it through FTP, and if you want chrome, download FF and then chrome! It is a known fact that IE is an inherently buggy and inferior browser, which fails to adhere to rules which almost every other major browser has no problem adhering to.

In essence, IE does suck as a browser. Some people just don’t know it because good programmers code around it so you don’t have to suffer from it.

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