iPad 2 Launch; Steve Jobs Unveiling iPad 2 At The Apple Event?

Will Steve jobs silent the rumor-hungry tabloids that are obsessed with his health situation and show up today, March 2nd, at the Apple media event in San Francisco, at which Apple could unveil its new iPad 2? The text on the event’s invitation merely says, “Come see what 2011 will be the year of.” But the artwork hints at a bit more: Designed to look like a calendar page, the invitation boasts a giant “2.”

A lot has changed over the course of the year ever since iPad 1 was released. The iPad became a bona fide smash hit, essentially creating the tablet category and sparking off a torrent of me-too products that are just starting to hit the market. Now, as rivals Motorola and RIM (Research in Motion) race to catch up, Apple itself is going through a transformation.

Will Steve Jobs Launch iPad 2 in Apple Media Event?

But one question that seems to be in everyone’s mind is – Will Steve Jobs, despite of his ailing health condition and indefinite health leave, present the iPad 2 in the special media event on March 2 in San Francisco today? There is as many speculation about whether iconic Chief Executive and Apple’s showman Steve Jobs will take the stage  as there is about the new iPad. Sources said he is considering it.

We for one, would not actually be surprised if he does launch the iPad 2. Despite of his current leave to deal with ongoing health issues, he has been sighted all around Silicon Valley at various locations. In addition, Jobs sat right next to President Barack Obama at a high-profile meet-the-tech-moguls dinner in the area last week.

One thing is for sure though. If Steve Jobs does attend the event in San Francisco, the focus will be more on him rather than on Apple iPad 2. For now, all bets are on Apple taking the wraps off an improved version of the iPad that chief executive Steve Jobs introduced at the same downtown San Francisco venue in January of last year.

What to Expect in Apple iPad 2?

For those who are keen to see what iPad 2 will bring to the table — Goldman Sachs analysts, in a note to investors, said they expect Apple to “announce the second-generation of its game-changing iPad. We expect the device to provide an early line of defense against the wave of tablet competitors arriving in coming months,” they said.

On a technical note, the iPad 2 is expected to be thinner than its predecessor and feature an improved display, as well as front-facing camera and Facetime video chat support. And some reports suggest it will be powered by one of Qualcomm’s multimode chips and will run on both GSM and CDMA-based networks around the world.

What will be the Price of iPad 2?

Interestingly, if the iPad 2 launches with too high a price, Apple could potentially be undercut by a less expensive competitor at some point before the holiday buying season of 2011. Since Apple never responds to that type of price activity, the key to iPad 2’s announcement will be whether today’s price holds or Apple is the first one to shoot off a canon in a tablet price war.

For the moment, the pricing of Apple’s iPad remains an advantage over its competition, with the 16GB Wi-Fi-only model starting at $499. Lets hope iPad 2 follows the pricing tradition. Fingers crossed!


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