iPad In Concert: Pianist Plays The ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ On The iPad [Video]

Here’s the latest soon to be gigantically viral iPad-related video clip Chinese pianist Lang Lang walked onstage in San Francisco to perform the encore playing Flight Of The Bumblebee on an iPad. See why the iPad is going to be such a big deal yet? Lang Lang used the iPad app Magic Piano, from Smule, to “play” his tablet.

iPad In Concert Pianist Plays The ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ On The iPad [Video]

Ge Wang, the co-founder of Smule, told the Wall Street Journal,I’ve never seen the freestyle Magic Piano played like he [Lang Lang] did.” Wang said he met with Lang Lang on Monday afternoon before the concert and had an opportunity to play a few pieces on the app with him. One lucky East Coast user, who happened to be on the app at that time, was also able to play with Lang Lang in duet mode. Wang added that he believes the Chinese pianist “totally digs Magic Piano and the iPad.” This might not be enough to silence the iPad critics but here is the awesome video:

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The $0.99 app [Smule’s Magic Piano iPad app], from the makers of Ocarina and I Am T-Pain lets users easily play music by touching light beams that stream down from the top of the screen. How ever, I wonder if Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, who penned the interlude over 100 years ago, would forgive Lang Lang’s occasional flub as he struggles to get it right on the unfamiliar device.


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