iPhone 4 Getting Destroyed in Seconds [Video]

While most new iPhone 4 owners are happily stroking their touchscreens, some violent geeks are destroying theirs with Microwave, Sniper Bullet, Death Ray and even a Blender!

It happened to iPad when it was released and it is happening again — but this time, with the iPhone4! iPhone 4 is facing wrath of some of the most violent geeks around the world. None of Apple’s products (including the iPad) have ever faced such brutality from consumers around the world. While the reason of such action could be a variety of things, they are nevertheless disturbing and gruesome for any gadget lover. Today we have collected some of those videos of the new iPhone 4 getting smashed, tortured and destroyed.

iPhone 4 Getting Destroyed in Seconds [Video]

Warning! These videos contain extremely graphic content, which can be very disturbing for any Apple fans and gadget lovers. Viewers discretion is Advised.

New iPhone 4 getting Microwaved

iPhone 4 Shot to Death by a Sniper Rifle

iPhone 4 Destroyed by Death Ray

iPhone 4 – Will it Blend?

Personally, we believe that those guys are pretty pathetic. What do you think?


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