iPhone 5 Release Date September 2011 – Rumors and Facts

If you reached this article searching for ‘the date when iPhone 5 will be released on Verizon‘, we do realize your  enthusiasm for the Apple’s next awesome iPhone. However, the fact of the matter is that iPhone 5 may be on its way already: but all those release dates that are floating all over the internet could be mere rumors rather than facts! However, according to CNET UK, iPhone 5 release date is likely to be September 7th 2011.

Nevertheless — What is the iPhone 5 launch date? It is the most frequently asked question in the tech world. The unreleased iPhone 5 has caused quite the stir as of late, and considering the speculation and facts at hand; the fervor may be quite warranted. The iPhone label and in turn all the products; iPad, iPod, etc. have become the driving force of the newly rejuvenated company we’ve always known as Apple.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors – Hype Or Fact?

The simple fact is this popular and revolutionary phone changed many things in regards to technology; today Apple is striving to mirror that initial recent success and compete with the competitors fueled by its own innovations. The new iPhone 5 claims to be another innovative unit to separate Apple again from its competitors and entice many consumers into switching their cell phone plans.

There are key additions and smaller but simpler additions to make the experience more enjoyable. The iPhone 5 should be out later this year; most are saying the release will be in September or soon thereafter. There is really so much information out there, that even with a considerable amount of research it is still quite difficult to separate speculation from fact.

Some things still seem to be more probable than not; Apple is rumored to be increasing the screen size to four inches opposed to the previous 3.7 inches seen in earlier models. The look and feel of the phone is also going to change; Apple is reverting back to the original aluminum backing and is also addressing the antenna issues many experienced Apple users have long been complaining about since the earlier editions of the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 Feature List:

The new iPhone 5 is supposed to run on a dual processor, setting it apart from the competition. The most basic iPhone 5 unit will provide a 32 gig hard drive to store data on, while a 64 gig option will be available to consumers as well. The new iPhone screen is not merely larger; Apple has also finally decided to make the screen shatter proof on this newest edition.

The iPhone 5 will run on AT&T’s new 4g network in the US, providing faster speeds for larger apps, face time, better sound, picture and video etc. The camera will be even more impressive than the iPhone 4 with rumors amid there is a newly added facial recognition feature for security purposes.

The new iPhone 5 overall is rumored to be sleeker (ultra-thin), more durable and seemingly more efficient. The backside of the iPhone 5 will be most likely constructed of either aluminum or carbon fibre.

The speakers will be louder, the battery life will last longer and powered by nanogenerators could be recharged with your heartbeat and the phone itself will provide more features to the iPhone user. The iPhone 5 will have a bigger, clearer, more vivid HD screen and the facial recognition feature will surely make this phone stand out from its competitors.

Guest Author: This is a guest article by Spencer Hogg from Cell Phone Expert where lots of different cell phone plans can be compared.


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