iSteve: Steve Jobs Authorized Biography Arrives in Early 2012

Many books have been published about the enigmatic innovator and Apple’s rock star CEO, Steve Jobs, but not with his approval.  However, Steve Jobs has finally agreed to participate with renowned biographer,  Walter Isaacson,  in a biography depicting his life. The book will be called, iSteve: The Book of Jobs and will be published by Simon & Schuster in early 2012.

It’s worth mentioning that Isaacson has written best-selling biographies of Benjamin Franklin, Henry Kissinger, and Albert Einstein. And this strong resume might be the reason why a person like Steve Jobs who is intensely protective of his privacy has approved and authorized Isaacson to go ahead with his biography.

This is the perfect match of subject and author,” said Jonathan Karp, publisher of Simon & Schuster, calling Jobs “one of the world’s greatest innovators. Just as he did with Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, Walter Isaacson is telling a unique story of revolutionary genius,

Isaacson has been reportedly working on the long-rumored biography since 2009, a year after Jobs came out in public about his health, and has interviewed Jobs, members of his family, colleagues at Apple and competitors.

But the greatest challenge for the author will be to reveal new details about Jobs’ life, since many books have been written about him. If Isaacson can get into more intimate details about Jobs than has already been printed, that would be a huge win.

Fifty-six-year-old Jobs has had numerous health problems and announced in January that he would take his third leave of absence in seven years. During that time, he has survived a rare but curable form of pancreatic cancer and undergone a liver transplant. And after lot of speculation, he finally appeared at a press conference in early March to announce the iPad 2.

At any rate, with Isaacson behind the upcoming biography and Steve Jobs as its subject, iSteve sounds like it should be a fascinating book to read. Will you read this book?


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