IzzoNet – eCommerce Website Building Was Never This Easy

Why to Use eCommerce Website Builders?

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way consumers shop but creating an online business can be a daunting task especially if you run a small business and intend to build online stores. To help you with this, there are so many eCommerce website builder software out there that are designed to make the process simple, fast and hassle free. While you can sell stuff on eBay, you do not establish your own branding like building your own. So the question is which is the Best eCommerce Builder?

The best eCommerce software has everything that you need to sell online and walks you through the entire process. You do not need to know any HTML or have previous web-design experience to know how to work this type of eCommerce solution.

When choosing the right eCommerce software, you need a product that will get the job done right. There are many different attributes you must look for in an application to ensure that it has what it takes to get that job done. And we found IzzoNet an excellent candidate that comes with a lot of exciting features.

What is IzzoNet?

IzzoNET is a refreshingly new eCommerce website builder service that makes online selling super easy with it’s arsenal of   easy-to-use features. No wonder, IBTimes.com recently listed them among their Top e-Commerce Solutions Firms 2012.

IzzoNet helps you register your domain name, design your website, upload and manage your inventory, connect to a shopping cart and secure all payment options. There are also several additional tools that are designed to create a successful website, including SEO integration and social media marketing features.

Unlike 95%+ of providers out there, IzzoNet eCommerce software provides online retailers with everything they need to sell online, including a dead simple to use (yet extremely feature packed) hosted shopping cart, a merchant account (so you can accept credit cards online) and custom eCommerce website design services.

How to Get Started?

Start by signing up for a 15 day free trial (no credit card required) so you can experience everything IzzoNet has to offer. You can setup promotions, view 25+ business intelligence reports and choose from over 50 built-in store templates which have been professionally designed using the best ideas from Amazon, Zappos, and other highly profitable online stores.

Marketing Tools (Features):

Once you have setup your online eCommerce site with IzzoNet, you can make use of their hand-picked marketing tools to boost your sales like never before. For instance,

– You can export your catalog to Comparison Shopping Engines like Bizrate, Nextag, Shopping.com, Shopzilla, Google Products, and Pricegrabber.
– Synchronize your mini site with Google Analytics to track all movement and traffic.
– Attract customers by creating your own Coupons and distributing them using the IzzoNet Coupon Distribution Feature.
– Create mirrors/duplicates of your site for multiple geographic regions.
– Communicate with both customer and your supplier.
– Synchronize your site with Amazon and eBay stores.
– Integrate dropshipping options, use coupon creator and exporter, automate professional email system and boost your sales using their seamless social media marketing integration.

Secure Selling:

IzzoNET enables you to customize your order limitations by customer, total, number of items, country, and more. Additionally you are able to determine the time between purchases and also to block blacklisted customers from ordering. A successful store is a safe one, and IzzoNET ensures the best security possible.

Moreover, you can be pretty sure about the legit-ness of this whole deal as eBay is involved. Feel free to check out their videos and be sure to try out their free 15-day trial to see for yourself. They can be found on Facebook and Twitter as well.


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