Keeping an Eye on Android Users Using Mobile Spy

Are you looking for best android spy software? Android users can now enjoy professional spy software equipped with powerful monitoring features through Mobile Spy. This software effectively works on all Android cell phone models including the T-Mobile, My Touch 3G, and Motorola Devour. Mobile Spy monitors text messages, calls, and GPS locations of your family and employees directly through any Android cell phone.

It also allows you to view the videos and photos taken from the cell phone that has the software installed. Users just have to log into their Mobile Spy account through internet browser.

What is Mobile Spy and How it Works?

Mobile Spy is a software application that allows Android users to monitor their mobile phones in real time. A unique cell phone spy software traces the activities of the person using the Android phone powered with Google technology. Mobile Spy is a small installed application that initiates each time the mobile phone begins to boot.

After Mobile Spy is installed on the Android phone, it starts recording call activities and text messages and then uploads the data silently (through the Internet) into the private Mobile Spy account of the Android user. Whenever signal is available, this cell phone spy system records the GPS locations once in every fifteen minutes. GPS rates vary and results can be viewed through Online Control Panel, which is accessible through any phone web browser.

Mobile Spy is a program that gets directly loaded into the Android phone, with a target to monitor cell phone activities. The cell phone spy system works on silent mode until the interface, to modify settings is active. The Online Control Panel is where Android users can log in to their account to view the results recorded and uploaded by the mobile device. The LIVE Control Panel is an optional add-on that can be purchased. It displays the live location of the mobile device, directly emails all recorded logs to the user’s email address, and allows to remotely gain control over the device.

Logging Features

Mobile Spy is a powerful cell phone spy system with the following logging features:

– Ability to monitor call activities, SMS, and GPS online in real time
– Safely stored logs in secured and private Mobile Spy account
– Control Panel is accessible at any web browsers
– Flexible time to login anywhere and anytime in order to view results without direct access to the device
– All activities including time/date stamp are detectable through mobile number
– The below logs are instantly captured and uploaded:

> Call log – Every call is logged along with the time and duration stamp, be it incoming or outgoing
> SMS Log – Every text message is logged even if the logs on the device are erased. It includes broad text as well.
> GPS Locations Log – All the positions of GPS are uploaded every 30 minutes along with a link to the map
> Contacts – Every contact including new ones are logged and recorded
> Calendar Events – Each calendar event whether locations, time, and date are logged
> URL Log – All website and URL addresses are logged by the mobile browser
> Photo & Video Log – All videos and photos taken are logged and can be viewed

The LIVE Control Panel of Mobile Spy is an innovation that permits Android users to perform live control and surveillance on their mobile device from anywhere. This function is done by the cell phone spy system in a secured manner. With this feature, Android users can now view the screen of their mobile device (just like a television) along with the instant map of the current location. The control panel includes instant commands such as “send an SMS from the device”, and “initiate a normal call”. Other inclusions of the control panel areas follows:

– Locking/unlocking of the device through an optional siren alarm
– Securing the updated SIM information in case the mobile device is stolen or lost
– Accepting silent SMS commands for Lock, Wipe Data, SIM info, GPS Location, and more
– Enabling delivery of all logs to the user’s email address

Other Features:

Mobile Spy is a new cell phone spy technology that may sound complicated but very easy to use. It is ideal for monitoring all Android mobile devices. Along with the purchase and subscription of the Mobile Spy package with exclusive features, you also get excellent customer support. Some of the excellent features of cell phone spying application include:

– Instant Download
– Step-by-Step Guidelines
– Customized Username
– Monitoring of up Three Mobile Devices
– Online Tech Support
– Free Updates
– SniperSpy
– The Truth


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