Why LED HD 3D TVs are Best to Watch TV Shows/Movies and Play Video Games?

Last year, David Attenborough’s environmental documentary Frozen Planet was arguably the highlight of the TV schedule, winning the hearts of the global public. Set in the Arctic and the Antarctic, this brilliant show focused on the myriad of wildlife in the chillier parts of the world. And people who were better equipped with a cutting-edge high-definition LED TV set enjoyed the show more than the average watchers!

LED backlit 3D TV is the big buzz word in the audio-visual world at the moment. In a bid to help you navigate these at times confusing waters, we’ve gathered together our reviews of the best 3D TVs of the recent times. Including 3D TVs from Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp and LG. So if want the perfect 3D TV for your living room, read on as we try to help you to decide which 3D TV is right for you.

The first 3D-capable HDTVs were demonstrated in early January 2010 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether you want it or not, chances are your next new HDTV will include 3D capability. This does not mean that you will be forced to watch 3D programming if you don’t want to. The 3D capability is just a new feature being added to new HDTVs.

Along with Sony and Samsung, Sharp is a leading manufacturer of high quality high definition television (HDTV) products. Sharp’s line of LCD TVs is the best on the market and the company offers the world’s largest LED screen with an 80-inch diagonal.

As 3D technology becomes increasingly more impressive, you may ask yourself if a 3D TV is your next big entertainment investment. The best 3D HDTVs, such as the Panasonic TC-P55VT30, LG 55LW6500 and the Sony XBR-HX929 display lifelike, vibrant images that seem to come out of the screen and into your living room. Three-dimensional films are no longer cinema exclusive; they are now a very real option for your home theater.

And with fast moving display-innovations, glass-free 3D technology and 3D games have already started seeing consumer’s homes. At the unveiling last year at the IFA Technology Fair in Berlin, 3D enthusiasts stood on a line watching Toshiba’s glass-less 3D display without glasses.

When talking about new generation TV sets, how can one forget about the brand Sharp? As one of the oldest manufacturers of HDTVs, Sharp products are renowned for their high quality. The company is a leader in high definition LED technology and it has gained a reputation for always pushing the bounds in delivering excellent products.

Sharp LED TVs have real rather than dynamic contrast ratios of 800:1. This provides for excellent viewing of darkly lit scenes. If power consumption and Eco-friendliness is a concern, the AQUOS LED TVs feature high quality displays with a 30 percent reduction in power usage.

There’s a vast range of shows to inspire, delight and boggle your brain this year – choosing what to watch is the only trouble! Whichever programs you decide on, however, a high-quality TV set is a must for full enjoyment.

There is a good range of market leading LED TVs available online.  Why don’t you check out a Sharp TV at K&Co.? With a number of HD-ready, Free view-integrated models to choose from, you can enjoy your favorite shows with fantastic picture quality.

No matter what your feelings are about 3D TV, it is here and it looks like it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. However, you are still free to choose whether you will watch 3D on your new TV.


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