LG Optimus Android Tablet – Better Than Apple iPad?

LG sent a shockwave through the heart of the internet when, in one of the biggest claims made in recent tech history, its VP of marketing, Chang Ma, told the Wall Street Journal that its upcoming Android Optimus tablet “will be better than the Apple iPad.” That’s like Kia saying their upcoming sports car will be better than the Porsche 911. Or some technology startup claiming they’re making a better Windows OS!

LG Optimus Android Tablet – Better Than Apple iPad

While Chang Ma is basically doing what he is paid for, and that includes creating hype around impending product releases from the company, this is probably a statement that borders on the incredible. Or does it?

Incidentally, iPad currently stands on its own as being the tablet device all the others need to beat to claim a space in the emerging tablet market; a market that’s likely to be getting crowded very soon. And LG seems to be confident that it has the answer — “Our Android tablet will be better than the iPad. It’s going to be surprisingly productive. The race hasn’t started yet.

The first LG tablet, which will run on Google Inc.’s Android software, will set itself apart from Apple Inc.’s iPad by focusing on the ability to create content, rather than simply display it“, Mr. Ma said in the interview. “LG Optimus tablet is going to be surprisingly productive,” he said.

True to those words, in a marketing release LG has revealed that this tablet will focus on content–creation and have features and benefits which will help you create documents, edit videos and programs.

There aren’t any hardware details for LG’s Optimus tablet yet, but you can expect a screen around 10 inches, and enough power under the hood to run Android 3.0 (to be released later this year). LG expects to launch the tablet worldwide by the fourth quarter.

LG Optimus Android Tablet may also use a screen similar to those found in high end laptops to add to the productivity of the device. This should make it popular across all sections of users.  So clearly LG is aiming at a different market than Apple with their tablet and that’s probably for the best. Rather than focusing on competing directly with the iPad, companies like LG with their Optimus line and HP with the Slate 500 are trying to fill the void left by the entertainment-oriented iPad.

And it’s good that LG is trying to position the product in a manner which will help in fulfilling gaps left by the iPad’s inadequacies. If this tablet also aimed to be a complete entertainer, not only would it be labeled as a ‘me-too’ product but there would also be very little to get excited about.

Is that (LG Optimus Android Tablet) going to be a winning formula? Maybe, maybe not, but LG seems confident it has what it takes to at least compete, if not beat, the iPad. A legitimate rival to the Apple iPad? That would be good.

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