Line2 App Turns Your iPod Touch/iPad Into An iPhone

An iPod Touch is an iPhone without the phone. You have to admit that it is what the iPod Touch is! It can do practically what the iPhone can do, except for the “real” phone line part. The best thing about the Touch is that it burns a much smaller hole in your pocket than its mobile phone counterpart! Ever wondered how to turn your iPod/iPad into a fully functional Mobile Phone? Here’s this new app for iPod Touch (and iPad), which will turn the mp3 player (and the Apple tablet) into a full blown mobile phone!

Line2 App Turns Your iPod TouchiPad Into An iPhone

Toktumi Inc. has announced that its popular Line2 iPhone and iPod Touch app is available on Apple’s iPod touch and iPad. Line2 turns your iPod Touch and iPad into a powerful mobile phone, no cellular carrier needed! With Line2 you get unlimited US/Canada calls over WiFi VoIP plus unlimited US/Canada texting. International long distance rates starting at $.02/min. and texts are only $.10.

In addition, it’s the first and only truly dual-mode VoIP/cellular calling app for the iPhone, meaning that among other features, customers can place and receive calls over Wi-Fi or over cellular using the same number. Line2 also gives you powerful calling features, including 20 person conference calls, caller ID, visual voicemail, and much more for only $9.95/month all with no long term contracts. And with Line2 when you’re traveling overseas you can make free calls back to the US and Canada wherever you have a WiFi connection.

Line2 makes sense for business users who are often hanging around Wi-Fi hotspots at the office or on the road. There are other text messaging apps and VoIP apps for iOS, but none of them have the smoothly combined feature set of Line2. With text messaging added to the equation, it makes the 30-day free trial worth checking out. Business users who want to get into a more robust calling system can upgrade to Toktumi’s $14.95 per month deal that includes an auto attendant, custom greetings, visual voicemail and other PBX features.

Line2 WiFi VoIP Cell User Guide Video

Line2 is a $0.99 download in the app store.  It is listed among iPhone apps however is compatible with the iPad and the 2nd generation iPod touch as well. Just download Line2 to your iPod Touch or iPad and pick a number, setup your current Toktumi number, or port your existing number for free. You can start making and receiving calls and texts in a minute. Start your free trial today!

The original idea behind it is to provide a second line (hence the name, duh) for the iPhone, making some serious savings for the user. It works both via 3G and Wi-Fi – you can see the huge potential for this. As you are probably thinking now, Apple is not going to be very happy with Toktumi anytime soon. I bet users will be ecstatic though. What do you think?


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