Logitech Keyboard Case For Apple iPad 2 Turns Your Tablet Into A MacBook Air

Originally named as ZAGGmate, the Logitech Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 is a huge hit among Apple’s iPad 2 owners. The Logitech Keyboard Case For Apple iPad 2 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to match Apple’s tablet. It features a built-in wireless keyboard and is lined with high-density protective padding to keep the iPad 2 safe and secure and prevent the keyboard from touching (and thus damaging) the screen, even if dropped!

With so many favorable reviews from technology blogs for this recently launched keyboard case for Apple Inc’s iPad 2, shares of Zagg Inc rose 9 per cent to an 8-week high.

Known originally as the ZAGGmate, this iPad 2 case was a huge hit at the 2011 Macworld Expo. It provided an extremely light, aircraft-grade aluminum protection for the delicate bits of the iPad along with a high quality, and yet compact, keyboard. And since it didn’t have to depend on the docking connector, users are free to mount their iPad in either portrait or landscape mode. And dare we say, when connected to and iPad 2, it looks much like a MacBook Air!

ZAGG, which makes protective covers for mobile devices, earlier this month signed an exclusive licensing and distribution deal with Logitech International for its tablet computer accessory, the ZAGGmate case with keyboard. And we think the ZAGGmate will have much better consumer exposure and sell-through with Logitech’s distribution.

Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 – Setting up [Video]

Priced at $99 you get a full keyboard that enables you to use your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode, thank Bluetooth technology for that, and you also get a layer of aluminum to make sure your screen doesn’t get any scratches or chips. So no doubt the price is right if you’re looking to strike a balance between style and functionality.


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