Mac Vs Windows PC – Difference and Comparison

Most, if not all, business conferences use either Mac computers or Windows based PCs, usually one or the other. People tend to fair towards one of the operating systems but both have their pros and cons. The technological war has been seen across college campuses as the flagship computer for that particular university, also shown on social networks and of course business environments. If you were to enter the middle of any large technology conference and shout out loud “Macs are whack” or “Apple rules, Microsoft stinks,” you could start a riot, literally. The hostility between Apple fan-boys and Windows supporters has raged on college campuses, social networks and Internet message boards. It’s a discussion that always ends in flame wars.

As far as the question, “which is better — Mac or PC?” — users tend to have a strong opinion for either of them. But here we will play the middle man and weigh the major differences between Apple computers and Windows PCs.

Difference in Design

As you can see Apple products have a distinct, clean look which you can recognize from a mile away. Mac computers seem to be accepted more by the younger crown, the products are sleek in style and scream creativity inside and out. Desktop Mac computers are now a single unit where the actually computer works on the backside of the monitor which is a simple assembly for the consumer.

The main concept in their design is that when you see a Mac product, you know it comes from Apple. Windows based computers come from a number of different manufacturers so the design varies a good deal. HP computers to Samsung computers use the Windows operating system so the design isn’t distinct to Windows themselves; although this does provide versatility for the buyer.

Operating System

Mac and Windows’ operating system are different in many ways, the operating system refers to the entire inner workings of the product. Mac computers come with OS X Lion while Windows based PC’s are pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 7, and the newer versions have Microsoft Windows 8. Microsoft tends to vary in their software every two or three years. Windows 7 has a performance that caters more to the user, more personalization options with a manageable layout and the functionality is practical.

The layout between the two lies in the pre-installed operating system. Mac users have a lower horizontal dock that is set at the bottom of their screen and displays the most used software which provides for very easy accessibility. When there is a notification for any of these programs the icon on the doc bounces up and down until it grabs your attention. Mac users can save anything they want on their desktop, there are no restrictions but the initial layout is much different from that of Windows.

Windows has an open and close toolbar that can be accessed through the Windows icon at the bottom left of the computer screen. This toolbar opens to two columns; on the left are 10 of your most used programs so that they can be easily found. The right column gives a navigation to the rest of your computer, for example your documents, pictures, control panel, and other sections in that matter. Windows downloads allow even further personalization with the layout and extended software that didn’t come with the base product.

Apple Mac Vs. Windows PC – The Mac PC War

A PC generally refers to a computer that runs on the Windows operating system. It is also defined as an IBM-compatible computer, thereby meaning that its architecture is based on the IBM microprocessor. A number of different operating systems are compatible with PCs; the most popular of which is Microsoft Windows. Some others are the UNIX variants, such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

On the other hand Macintosh, commonly known as Mac, is a brand name which covers several lines of personal computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. The Mac is the only computer in the world that can run all the major operating systems, including Mac OS X, Windows XP, and Vista. With software like Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion they can be run; side by side. And yes, Mac is considered a more secure OS than the Windows.

Turn a MAC into a PC (and vice versa)

By installing software like Boot Camp, or a virtualization solution, such as Parallels Desktop, a Mac can function like a PC machine. In other words, a MAC can run Windows on it. However, Apple does not allow the use of its operating system on non-Apple hardware. So a Windows PC cannot run Mac OS X.

Each of the two layouts cater to many audiences, some people favor one over the other which is understandable. Either way both Mac and Windows try to achieve a more personalized computer including the layout and the outer design. The functionality and innovation behind both products are ideal without a doubt.


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