Microsoft Angers Angry Bird Programmers on Windows Phone 7 Page

Here is how to anger an Angry Bird? For Rovio, developers of the popular mobile game of the same name (Angry Birds), you simply have to indicate that the company somehow endorses your product or service without ever having contacted the company to obtain such a permission.

Microsoft Angers Angry Bird Programmers on Windows Phone 7 Page

When tech bloggers discovered an icon for the popular mobile game Angry Birds in a Windows Phone 7 promotional image, it seemed like confirmation that the game is coming to Microsoft’s smartphones, but the developers behind Angry Birds tweeted a denial of any commitment to the platform.

Angry Birds developer claims Microsoft jumped the gun, Rovio ‘not committed’ to Windows Phone 7

In the tweet, Rovio Mobile clearly states that it’s presently ‘not committed’ to bring the game to Windows Phone, and that their icon is being used in Microsoft marketing completely without permission.

Microsoft reps then sent a note to TechFlash admitting that the image was a mistake. “It appears information was mistakenly posted to Microsoft’s website, and has been removed,” the statement said.

Angry Birds is a standard-setting iPhone game that also appears on Android, webOS and some Nokia phones. It has sold at least 6.5 million copies to date, so it’s a perfect example of an app store success story — a story Microsoft would like to see told on the Windows Phone 7 platform, too.


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