Mobile Computing Solutions in the Workplace Has Arrived

Mobile Devices in the Workplace

Mobile devices are common in the work environment. A 2012 survey revealed that 81 percent of employed workers utilize their own mobile device for company business. Another survey conducted by Motorola in 2012 discovered that 55 percent of its respondents use their smart phones to relay company-related messages and documents to their personal accounts.

Workers have even been known to store company passwords on their smartphones. When asked, 34 percent of the workers admitted to storing company passwords on their phones, and another fifty percent stated that if their phone was lost, they would not reset their company passwords.  For more on Mobile Computing Solutions, click here.

Worker Response to  Mobile Computing Solutions

Honest workers also reported that they just aren’t that worried about their company’s IT device management plan. As many as 77 percent of the workers participating in the survey simply didn’t know what their IT device management plan says. They admitted they were more concerned about their credit card terms and their health insurance policy than they were with their company’s IT security.

It’s more important than ever with increased mobile device use in today’s companies to read your company’s IT security policy and work with your IT team to understand how it may apply to your smartphone, tablet and laptop use. Companies spend around $489,000 a year on security breaches, so it is important to know and to follow your company’s policies.

Future of Enterprise Mobility

Many companies are considering enterprise mobility and the deployment of mobile device management policies in the workplace to ensure IT security and to save on the cost of computer hardware and applications. Recently surveyed companies report that 89 percent have mobile devices connecting to their network. Out of that 89 percent, 24 percent of those connections are not authorized.

If you work at a company that does not authorize mobile device connection, talk to your IT department about the possibility of your company’s initiating a mobile enterprise system. Your company could save on their total cost of ownership (TCO), and you and your coworkers could enjoy a more productive and efficient workplace.

In the last couple of years, mobile device use at 78 percent of the responding companies has more than doubled. With these kinds of exploding statistics, it’s more important than ever for companies to lock in the savings they can realize with mobile devices and lock down on the security. For more information on Dell’s Enterprise Mobility Services, click here.

Dell’s Mobile Device Management Services

Dell’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) services can help companies seamlessly integrate a mobile enterprise system for positive bottom line results and secure IT processes. Dell’s MDM service can enhance company productivity by providing virtually unlimited data access from any device. Mobile device management is made simple with a management console that offers access to real-time cross platform device data.

Corporate data is secured with Dell’s policy enforcement and application management experience, and remote wipe is applied where necessary in the case of theft or loss of mobile devices. Implementing Dell’s MDM will helps companies lower their operating costs by shifting IT responsibilities to more important system tasks and by encouraging workers to supply their own mobile devices. Dell’s MDM also enables efficient cloud hosting for the most efficient use of current resources.

The First Step

The experts at Dell will work to create a mobile device strategy that will help introduce mobile devices into the work environment securely. First, they take a look at the company’s requirements and construct a company scenario. Then they prepare the company for device integration. Dell helps streamline testing and compliance and simplifies lifecycle management. Throughout the process, Dell maintains security on the mobile ecosystem with an eye toward the company’s ROI.

The Security Process

Dell provides secure connections and protects information on nearly all available mobile devices, such as Apple iOS, Android and Windows. Good for Enterprise, Dell’s security partner, parses personal and company data. Dell helps companies formulate and initiate a security policy that defines echelon access to specific information and device functionality. All devices are password and anti-virus protected and can be remotely wiped if theft or loss occurs.

Custom Mobility Applications

Depending on the type of company, some organizations may require a custom solution. Dell can build and implement a mobile application that will fit the needs of any company. In order to do this, they conduct an extensive review into company requirements and develop a solution from preferred architecture and design. The solution is delivered with appropriate testing and deployment, as well as implementation and support.

Dell can meet the mobile enterprise integration demands of a variety of industries. Visit for more information today.

Guest Author: This article is submitted by David Malmborg, who works with Dell. He enjoys reading, hiking and writing about technology.


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