Mobile Retailing And What It Means To Tech Savvy Consumers

Whether it is buying a latest piece of gadget or buying a new product that seems to be oozing with technological brilliance, customer experience is an important factor in determining how customers generally regard a brand or product. Growing competitiveness and the difficult economic realities being faced by companies today have left them competing for limited markets. Much of these company’s strategies have been focused on pricing, reliability, quality and branding. Another dimension which seems to be left out in these various strategies is the focus on customer experience. While many companies argue about the saleability of their product, a genuine concern on how people feel about the company seems to be lacking.

Mobile Retailing And What It Means To Tech Savvy Consumers

Mobile retailing is a platform that could be used to enhance customer experience. With millions of mobile phones already in the hands of consumers incorporating these into market strategies is a logical move. Mobile retailing does not only give them a more informed choice of what products are available but also give them the convenient option of purchasing the product by simply tapping on their mobile phones.

Consumers and retailers stand to equally benefit greatly from the use of mobile retailing as a sales channel. Long lines and cues could easily be avoided by making it easier for customers to purchase the products online without the need of being physically present at the store. Greater information could also be available before any purchase is made making the consumer more knowledgeable about the products.


Perhaps the greatest advantage that mobile retailing offer to the customer is ease of use and convenience. Mobile technology allows huge amounts of information to be exchanged giving customers the power to make intelligent purchases with the tip of their fingers.

Sales are not only made possible with mobile retailing but they also give valuable information on a store’s nearest location. Listing one’s services in mobile directories enables customers to locate a store near them. Searching for a specific product’s information is also made easier and faster.

Mobile retailing also opens opportunities for consumers to book reservations on flights and restaurants. This makes services offered more accessible to customers making their next dinner engagement possible by just setting appointments online.

Cashless payments are also made possible with the use of installed credit on their phones. Wireless transfers of credit and mobile banking has become standard that it has made paying purchases online both safe and convenient.


Making a sale is the ultimate objective of any marketing strategy. Mobile retailing does not only facilitate new sales but could also be an excellent opportunity for keeping these customers coming back for more. Offering services and products online also give companies a powerful tool for keeping track of customer attitudes. Real-time information could be generated reflecting changing customer attitudes allowing a flexible response to changing needs.

Premium Pricing

Mobile retailing allows companies to expand their market base without the need for investing heavily on overhead costs. This allows them to offer more goods and services without passing this to their cost of production. Mobile retailing translates to more competitive pricing allowing customers to enjoy better products without paying for these premium services.

Mobile retailing presents a unique opportunity for both customers and retailers. This marketing medium provides customers a more convenient and powerful tool for purchasing goods with the use of everyday mobile phones. Sales could be increased by using positive consumer sentiment a dimension in marketing which is often overlooked.

The marriage of technology and human resources could bring companies and customers closer. Mobile retailing allows retailers to respond more quickly to their customers needs and provide invaluable feedback. Overall customer experience is increased making mobile retailing a win-win situation for both customers and retailers.

About the Author: Neil is a tech writer and head of marketing for eMobileScan, one of the leading UK’s Symbol Barcode Scanners Specialist. We work closely with companies to help them increase productivity and lower the running costs.

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