Moleskine Launches iPhone and iPad Case

Here is the news of the moment, Apple fanboys (and fangirls)! Your iOS device (aka iPhone and iPad) case has arrived; thanks to Moleskine. Moleskine has announced a Digital Covers line of hybrid and “super-smart” notebooks that include a pad of regular, “legendary” notebook paper alongside a comfortable spot for your iOS device of choice. And this combination is aimed at making you smarter!

Moleskine Covers for iPhone and iPad 2

Obviously designed to house tablet computers and smartphones respectively, the specifications are compatible with the iPad and iPhone 3G. Each case features a suede interior with additional space for accessory items include an Apple notebook with blank pages Volant.

In Moleskine’s own words:

“The features and style of both Covers are those of a classic Moleskine notebook: sleek rounded corners, strong elastic band, and the legendary smooth black cover. Inside, a lighter suede lining protects the electronic device against impact and scratches, alongside a Volant notebook with plain pages. The Smartphone Cover is mainly conceived to be used with Bluetooth, headphones or loud speaker”

Real Moleskine Covers for iPhone and iPad

The exterior will be familiar to Moleskine fans, being as each is finished with the brand’s traditional rounded corners, elastic closure and black leather cover as seen on the brand’s flagship product, the Moleskin notebook. Having already released in Italy, the rest of the world can now pre-order each design now at Amazon.

Moleskine Covers for iPhone and iPad 1

However, looking to the pictures accompanying the products press release, we have to say that it looks pretty snazzy, although not all that protective. So if you are not a die-hard fan of Moleskine and would rather want a case for your iPhone/iPad that can offer it better protection, then perhaps you’d have to look beyond these cases. Hmm…


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