Nadia: A Genius Camera That Helps You Take The Best Picture

What if most of the features required to make a perfect photograph are programmed into a camera? At the current state of digital photography, already so much of what makes a good picture no more involves a whole lot of human input–that’s one reason why digital cameras have made superb snapshots so simple. And with this new groundbreaking camera technology, now it will be even simpler! Imagine a camera that already has the intelligence to help you take the best photograph.

A Camera That Decides the Best Pic to Take

Nadia is the name of a small black camera that features an “aesthetics inference engine,” used to analyze the artistic quality of a potential shot, including that can analyze diagonal positions, color contrasts and background. The camera concept was designed by German designer Andrew Kupresanin. According to the designer — “Nadia is the camera that thinks, so you don’t have to“!

Rather than displaying  the image, the screen on the back of the camera shows only a percentage value that suggests how good a photo you’re about to take. As you shift positions and angles, the number changes, approaching 100% as you approach the ideal pic. But currently Nadia is just a prototype concept.

However, most modern digital cameras have things down pretty well (though not perfect); auto-exposure, auto white balance, auto-focus (even face detection), pretty much auto everything. The only thing it leaves to the user is what to shoot. Idea of Nadia might help casual users taking family and random snapshots to keep an image balanced with the “correct” perspective, but there aren’t many “rules” of photography. Rule of thirds is the only one in mind and any camera could display that on grid on the LCD now, and some do; even then it can get pretty boring when you get similar images; thanks to the over-use of technology in current digital cameras. With Nadia, things can only get more robotic!

In spite of the brilliance that this camera technology promises to bring to the table, the fact remains — it’s not the camera, lens, or Photoshop that helps you take the best picture. It’s knowing how to master all three! Cameras like Nadia can help you take better snapshots, but never better photographs! Photographs come from the mind. Some of the best includes a bit of the unexpected.


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