Official Google Voice App For iPhone Now Available

Today, Google’s launched its own Official Google Voice app for the iPhone and it is available to download from the Apple App Store. The Google Voice app allows you to make and receive calls from your Google Voice number, send and receive free text messages and direct access to your iPhone’s address book numbers.

Official Google Voice App For iPhone Now Available

The app will alert you when you receive a new voicemail or text message. As with the general Google Voice service, this app is currently US-only. Google voice app features on your iPhone: low rates for international calls, display your Google Voice number as caller ID when making calls.

The Google Voice inbox provides convenient access to all of your messages, your call history, and any starred items.  You can also group your contacts into groups, such as work or personal, or define quick dial numbers in the “Contacts” screen.

The app is available on the iPhones with iOS 3.1 or later. Only those users who has a valid Google voice account can use this app. Google Voice is a free app that’s definitely worth a try.  It does require a Google Voice account, but other than that there are few limitations to using the app on an iPhone.


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