Opera Link Coming To Windows Phone 7

There is great news for Opera Link users with Windows Phone 7 devices – it has been reported that Opera Link is in the works for WP7 phones. Opera Link allows users to easily synchronize Bookmarks, Speed Dial, Notes and other useful browser data between your computer and Windows mobile phones.

Opera Link Coming For Windows Phone 7

Opera Link is a way for you to bring your desktop browsing experience with you wherever you go. From your desktop, you can simply share your browsing information such as your typed browsing history, bookmarks, speed dial, personal bar, notes and custom searches with other browsers using the cloud.

Once that is implemented, it shouldn’t be too much hassle to take your browsing session along with you when you have to leave the computer. It’s also worth noting that Chrome to Windows Phone is on the way, offering you an alternate solution.

You store your settings online on the my.opera.com site and you just log in to the site with your alternate browser to download the same saved settings. A very convenient function if you constantly find yourself away from your desktop computer and need access to all those bookmarks you saved, and a function that WP7 surprisingly doesn’t have yet despite its emphasis on utilizing the cloud.

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