Optimizing Classroom Performance Through Technology

We’ve come a long way since the days of the chalkboard and school house learning. In the last thirty years technology has changed the face of education. With the invention of the computer there has come a multitude of inventions that has optimized the field of education indefinitely. With different educational software and multimedia applications, students have an entirely new resource at their disposal. Living in the information age definitely has its advantages as students are given better resources for learning purposes.

Interactive Whiteboards are a large display that directly connects the computer and a projector for classroom presentation. They’ve been widely used in universities across the country and they’ve been used to great affect. Trough a projector, a laptop or desktop computer is able to project information onto the whiteboard’s surface where users are able to control the content by using a pen, finger, stylus, or other devices.

Typically the board is mounted to a wall in classrooms retrofitted for multimedia applications. They’re able to connect classes to a much broader rage of material that the traditional textbook approach and have been hailed as a revolution in the field of education.

Blended learning” encompasses a number of different instructional models and are usually are applied for education purposes. This approach had been devised to blend different learning programs with a face-to-face online instruction. This is to help education professionals optimize their teaching styles with online learning programs to supplement other classroom materials.

Primarily, the Internet is used to connect classrooms with a wealth of information. This introduction of online learning techniques links classrooms to a comprehensive database of documents and application programs that have been complied from 40 different organizations. It’s basically the linking and sharing of information of many different institutions for education our children.

The iPad has been introduced in several classrooms across the country as a way to introduce children to touch-based interactive technology. The Journal reported on this new approach. Many are debating the validity of using devices, such as the iPad, for educational purposes.

So far iPads and similar devices have been purchased for students in several districts around the country and many are wondering as to how effective these will be and what it means for the future of education in this country. The promise is to supplement learning through online information and expose to children to different educational software.

It is, in part, the hope of many education professionals that we can begin to cope with the overwhelming demands placed on an already burdened school system. America is one of the lowest ranked countries in the world towards education. It is the hope through introducing newer technologies that we can begin to improve our performance and education level.

America is known for its innovation sprit and perhaps through blending information technology and classroom techniques that our country can begin to pull out of its education vacuum that it has been in for years.


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