PCNames; Best Domain Name Search Engine Around

PCNames, from Opcis, Inc., is one of the World’s first Ajax powered domain name search engines around.  This awesome domain tool allows you to start typing a domain into a search field and provides you with immediate feedback as to whether the domain is available or taken, as you type, on-the-fly.

PCNames Ajax domain name search utilities

With PCNames.com, it is unbelievably easy to check and register available domain names instantly; thanks to its simple navigation structure and integration with registrars and expired domain services! PCNames has a huge database of domain names from all around the Internet, which helps the user to create a differentiation in the searched domain name. This effective website not only search domain, but also leads the user into domain registration process.

Advanced tools like Domain Generator, Mobile App, Bulk Lookup and Widgets are also available for experienced domaineers. Bulk Search URL tool, for example, lets you can run a multiple domain search to see availability of domains that you want. You will not have to wait for these domains to come one by one and will have a complete view of your searches having a bulk domain lookup.

PCNames – Best Ajax Powered Domain Name Search Engines Around

Similarly, if you are in search of inspiration for your next cool site there is a simple way to get good name proposal and generate domain names based on the domain keyword that you have in mind for your next online project. With PCNames Domain Generator tool, you can simply type in your keyword that best suits for your site and will get a nice list of domain name suggestions and also will see their availability. Ain’t that really cool?

PCNames also comes with domain search widgets or domain lookup widgets that when placed on your website, helps make a connection with PCNames. They have a variety of domain name widgets which are quite helpful for users. In addition to this, they also have a FAQ section where you can see an extensive list of FAQs about the web so that users can get domain name info and domain name questions to enlighten themselves about the web and its services.

Finally, PCNames has a number of domain name registrar reviews on the web that are very useful when you are browsing through domain name registration process. You can easily register domain name or buy domain name through these domain name registrar reviews. With all these awesome features, PCNames is one of the best Domain Name Search Engines around and I would highly recommend using them for your domain searches.


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