Play Interactive Webcam Video Games With ChatHopper

What’s your hobby? Mine is gaming. I hover over the web for finding new games. Games on my xBox don’t interest me all the time. Sometimes I prefer games like Angry Birds on my Android phone over Hot Pursuit on my Kinect. I am a kind of gamer who is constantly in need of change and to my delight recently I came across something that is nothing short of amazing!

ChatHopper is an online chat service that lets you video-chat with complete strangers while giving you the added ability to also play interactive games! As an extra bonus, it allows strangers to play games against one another without the need of registration. Isn’t that just too cool?

In ChatHopper’s newly added game section random users can challenge each other by playing games through their web cameras. Using only your webcam and hand gestures (without any additional hardware or software), you can participate in cool and interactive hand-guided games.

As soon as you enter the site, it asks you to enable your webcam and mic. Once you enable them, you’ll see yourself displayed in your webcam on one side of the screen. The gaming system will auto-detect any active users who are logged in concurrently and available to play a game with. Once they connect, you’ll see the other user appear in the right side window. Don’t worry if you do NOT like the person (partner) whom you see on the screen. You can easily skip to the next partner by clicking ‘Next’!

As this site connects you to another chat partner who is also connected through web cam, you can see (your partner’s expressions) and hear (your partner’s yay/eek etc) while playing. That kind of interaction simply adds more fun to this new kind of gaming.

Once you’re both logged in with your camera and mic and you both press “Play”, the game starts. Right now, there are 2 games available on ChatHopper Games – PowerMath and Color Buzzer. Both are actually cool if you like math or colors!

Power Math makes you solve 10 puzzles one after the other. Each question has 4 options with it. S/he who answers first wins the game. On the other hand, Color Buzzer game gives you and your chat partner the task of changing color sequences. All you got to do is — to remember the correct order and repeat it on-screen. After 90 seconds your results are compared with those of your chat partner – you win if you have more correct answers than your partner.

After few rounds of play, it’s actually a little creepy how effortlessly the gaming system can recognize your selections just by watching your finger movements in the air in front of the webcam. In fact, the reactivity of the game’s sensor is so awesome that it actually reminded me of Kinect. And remember, you need not spend a fortune (like with xBox Kinect) to play these hand gesture interactive games; all you need is a webcam, a mic and internet connectivity and you’re all set to experience these cool games. Don’t believe me? Give the ChatHopper games a try and tell me if you’re not amazed!


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