Top 5+ Printer Hacks, Guaranteed to Reduce Your Printing Costs

Despite current efforts by people to limit the production of printed documents in the name of environmental sustainability and more economical use of resources, printers continue to be among the most popular equipment used in most modern homes and offices.

The reason behind the permanence of printers in a rapidly digitizing world is due to their usefulness. Paper-based documents are still preferable over soft copies in a variety of situations and applications.

How to Save Cash, Ink, and Paper by Printing More Efficiently

Printer Hacks That Can Help Reduce Your Printing Costs

Because printers are likely to be around for the foreseeable future, wouldn’t it be great to be able to learn a few printer hacks that could help you save a few bucks or make you become more efficient at work? Here are some great ones that you might want to try out.

Paper is Your Friend

Without paper, your printer wouldn’t be much good for anything else. It’s therefore kind of sad how a lot of people seem to take it for granted. Before it landed on your hands as an immaculate white substrate material, that paper had to be produced first from pulpwood logs and recycled paper products. It took an incredible amount of material resources, energy, water, and chemicals to produce that paper, so the least you could do is to be conscientious about your use of it.

When printing, you can conserve paper by duplexing, or printing on both sides, and by shrinking documents so that more pages can fit into each sheet you use. Also consider re-purposing old documents. If a sheet of paper only has one of its sides used and it has no creases or torn portions, don’t waste it; flip it over and print on the blank side.

Choose Alternative Ink and Toner Products

Aside from paper, ink and toner cartridges are also very important printer consumables—very important but very expensive, if you’re going to consider the prices of most products from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Looking to save money on expensive printer ink? To get around this problem, many people are choosing more affordable alternative products instead. For instance, you can opt for re-manufactured printer cartridges, which are high-quality recycled cartridges produced by third-party suppliers. These cartridges start out as used, empty cartridges, which are then individually inspected and thoroughly cleaned before being refilled with ink and resealed with the help of state-of-the-art equipment.

Thanks to the modern process, these third-party ink cartridges refilled with off-brand ink are often on a par with (or even better than) OEM products in terms of quality and performance. Compatible printer cartridges are another type of alternative products you can buy. They are like remanufactured printer cartridges­ in that they are made by third-party manufacturers and are much cheaper than original products. However, compatible printer cartridges are not recycled. They are engineered and made from scratch, essentially generic versions of their branded counterparts.

Go XL for Extra Saving

Another great money-saving advice you can take is to purchase XL printer cartridges. Contrary to popular belief, XL cartridges are not larger in size compared to regular cartridges. Instead, they just contain more ink—twice or even three times the volume of ink in regular cartridges.

Obviously, XL cartridges cost more when you buy them, but since their cost per page is often less compared to regular cartridges, consumers like you will be able to save money over the long term.

Use Cloud Printing

With the help of services like Google Cloud Print, you can set your printer up for cloud printing. Cloud printing is very useful when you need to send a print job to a remotely located printer and it can be especially useful for modern day printing businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a room away from your printer or if you’re currently in another part of the world; through cloud printing, remotely printing a document is just a click away.

You can use this service to print documents for your family or for your work colleagues even if you’re not within their vicinity. It’s very useful when you need to multitask or to collaborate with other people.

Monochrome vs. Color Printers

If you’re going to be printing mostly text documents in black and white, then go for a high-speed monochrome laser printer that not only allows you to save time but also helps you avoid the problem of the ink drying when you don’t use your printer very often.

If you need to process color documents on a regular basis, then by all means, get a color printer. Consider getting a multi-function model that allows you to scan and copy images or documents. This way, you can maximize your use of your printer and save money by not having to buy a separate scanner.

Use Ink-saving Typefaces

Lastly, consider using economical fonts for your printing requirements. Some studies have shown that regular fonts like Century Gothic and Garamond, as well as special ones like Ecofont, all use less ink because of the way they are designed. If font or typeface style is not an issue for the documents you need print, then consider setting one of these typefaces as your default.

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