All You Need to Know About ICANN & Registry Data Escrow

How do you protect something that doesn’t physically exist? When it comes to the various forms of data available, information needs special protection. You need to prevent leaks but, depending on the circumstances, you also need to allow others legal access when required.

As such, it helps to be aware of services available should any of these situations arise. In this case, it helps to look at the likes of Registry Data Escrow and information relating to hardware. These are both services available from agencies like Escrow Associates, providing somewhere to turn when you need this help.

Registry Data

If you want a domain name, you often have to oblige to the regulations of the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers. The better tier of domain name you want, the more you are required to do to keep it.

The top-tier domains such as “.com” for instance, require daily data known as WHOIS data. This has to be sent to a secure escrow company for holding, so you will need to utilize registry escrow to store this data – named so because it often holds various registry information and important data relating to your website.

Like any escrow, this is kept in holding, secured away until such a time that it may be needed.


When it comes to designs, how do you protect the schematics? You can sell and trade the physical product but the actual plans are something you want to protect. Yet, of course, you may need to offer them up at times.

Similar to SaaS, there are regulations over providing products that may arise.

Again, you can turn to escrow, or more specifically, hardware escrow. This service caters to a wide range of materials that may need protecting, such as designs, schematics and even chip architecture. This stops others from using your products and copying them but it also offers proof that you’re willing to offer them up if such a legal case arises.

As this should hopefully demonstrate, escrow services can solve various problems faced in today’s world, especially when it comes to domain requirements and protecting the secrets of your hardware.

Consequently, even as a customer, this is something you should be looking for in anyone you deal with. After all, if you’re going to rely on their product or service, escrow lets you know that, if something goes wrong, there is a neutral party to oversee the matter and bring a quick resolution.

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  1. Tushar says:

    I always use to give few bucks as ICANN while purchasing a new domain, But I never thought why and what it is for. This post helped me to enhance my knowledge on this.
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  2. i have always purchasing domaines but is first time when i have this informations
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