PS4 Gaming Console; Worth the Money?

DId you reach this page while searching for PS4 release date, news and features? As most of us already know, PlayStation 4 is headed for a ‘Holiday 2013’ release date and that is when a lot of console gaming enthusiasts will get to experience its “frictionless and seamless” gaming experience. However, with Sony’s next entry into home game consoles, the PlayStation 4 (PS4), due out by the end of this year, there’s one really big question on everyone’s mind: Will the PlayStation 4 (PS4) be worth the money?

Many gamers surely remember the PS3’s monstrous $599 price tag, and while the console has had many top selling video games and features, the role out of software and development of features was slow to begin. Currently, there’s no official word on how much gamers are going to have to drop on a brand new PS4 come this fall, but according to Japan’s Asahi News, the price of PlayStation 4 (PS4) might run about $400 USD — which, while more affordable than its predecessor, is still a big investment for even the most avid of gamers. Since there’s no word on a price for the PS4 just yet, the only real way to decide if it’ll be a worthwhile investment is based on what we know the system will have to offer. He’s a quick rundown of what we know so far:

PS4 Release Date

The PS4 release date is “Holiday 2013” for the USA. That’s the only official detail Sony revealed at the launch in February and it’s unclear which other territories it applies to, if any. However, latest rumors regarding the PS4 release date are that the console will in fact launch globally in 2013, not just in the USA or Japan.

PS4 Hardware

Technically-speaking, Sony hasn’t shown the world too much about the PS4’s hardware, but we do know that these things apply:

– x86 CPU
–  Supercharged PC architecture
–  enhanced PC GPU
–  8GB RAM

The console itself has not been shown, but based on the information that Sony has released, it’s apparent that the architecture of the console is PC-like, which will make it much easier to develop games for the system.

PS4 Controller

What Sony has shown us in physical form is the PS4 controller. The DuelShock 4 controller, while it is visually a descendent of its predecessors, is a totally new animal—in a good way. The PS4 controller offers a host of features not available in previous iterations, including a “Share” button and a touch pad. The “Share” button is Sony’s way of integrating social media into the new console. One push of the “Share” button and players can upload gameplay footage and more via PS4’s new social interactions feature. The new touch pad allows players to interact with the console in a similar fashion to how the PS Vita works.

PS4 Online Features

There are a few leaps and bounds in terms of online features from the PS3 to the PS4, and some are very, very intriguing. Sony’s gone on record saying that they’ve teamed with Ustream to create a feature that will give players multicasting capabilities. This means that players will be able to schedule a set time for the PS4 to live stream their gameplay to anyone they invite to watch. Another interesting feature that’s been talked about is the integration of cloud-based technology. If successful, cloud tech could potentially allow software from PS1-PS3 to be played on just about any device, which would more than make up for PS4’s lack of backwards compatibility.

Of course, for gamers who plan to be online it’s critical that they make sure the Internet connection will be able to handle the workload. Read on to learn more about wireless internet capabilities for hardcore console as well as PC gamers.

PS4 Pricing Concerns

Xbox 720 may be worth the cost right now in the mind of some, but according to one of the Xbox’s previous chip designers, Nvidia, the PS4 is not even worth the cash right now.Hence, AMD will be hoping that its PS4 business pays off, having recently fallen on hard times. Also, the Xbox 720 feels like it will have Nvidia tech as reports have suggested, which will make for interesting correspondence given the fact that there seems to be some bitter feelings between Nvidia and PS4.

The Verdict

While there are way too many new aspects about the PS4 to talk about here, is fair to say that the new console is probably worth the potential $400 price tag just based on the above mentioned features and specs. Just the idea of the cloud-based backwards compatibility should be enough to sell any potential buyer (since it’ll open up Sony’s entire game library to generations of gamers), but if that’s not enough, a couple of awesome new controller features and vastly upgrade tech specs should win over even the starkest of naysayers. It’s clear that PlayStation 4 will definitely be an improvement on the already-fantastic PS3—and the best part is, we don’t even know the half of it yet. At, potentially, $400, the PS4 is a steal.


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