Top 3 Geeky Ways to Reduce Your International (ISD) Call Costs Abroad

Have you been looking for ways to make cheaper International calls when roaming abroad? Nearly all of us take our mobile phone with us when we go on holiday to contact someone back home in case of an emergency. If this is our only reason why are we racking up bills worth thousands of pounds every year? How do we reduce international mobile phone calling (ISD) costs?

It’s time to get realistic, we take our smartphones abroad to access social networking sites, download apps and games, send texts and make calls to friends and family, and many other reasons.

This enhanced use of our mobile phones abroad means that we need to find better ways to reduce costs when we are on holiday. Of course, it might be easier if we left our smartphones at home, but this just isn’t feasible for the majority of smartphone addicts. Here are some simple tips to help you roam free (cheap)!

1) Use Texts (SMS) rather than Voice Calls

In the EU the cost of calls and data has been capped in order to avoid the network providing charging extortionate fees. However, although the costs can only hit a maximum it will still set you back around 10 pence per minute to receive a call.

Receiving text messages is now free in the EU so you might find it beneficial to ask friends to drop you a text if they want to chat, then find a cheaper way to contact them back.

2) Use VoIP

If you have access to free Wi-Fi whilst you are abroad you are already onto a winner. Firstly, using a wireless connection rather than your 3G will save you a small packet, but also by downloading an internet-to-phone calling system such as Skype before you go abroad means that you can make voice calls for free.

3) Buy International SIM Cards

You can usually buy a local SIM card from a store whilst you are on your holiday, but it is often far more convenient to purchase one of these SIMs in advance. This is great for heavy users, but not necessarily as effective if you only plan on making one or two calls home.

International SIMs are usually available for anywhere between £15 and £30, and often have a small amount of calling credit pre-loaded. Just as with British SIM cards, the prices will vary depending on the network so make sure you research properly.

Guest Author: This is a guest article from Choose, a consumer site that helps consumers find the best deals on mobile phones and broadband and includes guides on providers such as Plusnet and broadband without a phone line.


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