Rejected By Steve Jobs, Radiation App Tawkon Targets Jailbreakers [Video]

Israel-based app developers of Tawkon, who released their app to measure radiation levels of mobile devices running on Android OS last year were eager to exploit the iPhone 4 death grip issue by launching an Apple iOS version. However, for obvious reasons Apple immediately blocked this radiation detection software application from appearing in their app store. But that didn’t stop stop Tawkon from releasing their app on Cydia store instead.

When Steve Jobs personally closed the front door with a curt two-word email stating: ‘No Interest,’ we were left with no alternative but to climb through the Cydia window to let iPhone users see and lower their exposure to cellphone radiation,” wrote Tawkon CEO Gil Friedlander in a blog post.

Apple’s reason for rejecting the Takwon app was that it used private APIs.  However, if Tawkon’s claims are to be believed then “Death Grip” increases levels of radiation emitted by smartphones (e.g. Apple iPhone 4) in addition to attenuated signals. And we wonder if this is the actual reason why Apple wouldn’t approve it in their app store!

Here is some quick information on the technology used by the Tawkon app — “Tawkon is based on the patent-pending RRITM (Real-time Radiation Indication) technology that collects and analyzes RF-related data extracted from the mobile device. Complex algorithms considering environmental and personal usage factors help determine actual radiation exposure levels. Results are calibrated in an RF lab to ensure radiation levels are accurately monitored and that actions taken actually helped lower the user’s exposure to radiation.”

In more simple words – The Tawkon radiation detection app analyzes the cellular radiation your iPhone emits at any given moment, at any given location, whether in standby mode, or within a call. However, this condition is also known about on Android phones and the company even has a Blackberry app that can measure the radiation, so its not just a problem with Apple’s phone.

To be honest, this app is only giving a prediction because you’d need expensive equipment to truly measure radiation, but if the algorithm is correctly programed, it should be a great indicator of how much radiation the device is emitting.

As this video demonstrates, the Death Grip antennagate problem, which is fortunately (for Apple and all iPhone 4 users) not exclusive to the iPhone 4, not only affects reception and call drops but radiation levels too. However, the video also shows that the iPhone 4 actually emits significantly less radiation than other front-line smartphones like Nexus One and BlackBerry 9700. Hmm…

Death Grip Video Demo on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry

Interestingly, Tawkon feel so strongly that users should be made aware of what levels of radiation they are being exposed to that they have filed a public petition to force Apple to make their app appear in iTunes. Interesting battle in store ahead. In the meantime, if you’ve got a non-jailbroken iPhone and are still afraid of cell phone radiation, then consider using a protective case for your Apple phone. It’s perhaps safer than getting advice from an app, anyway.


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