SaaSCanada: Canadian Cloud Service Aims to Prevent Cross-border Legal Conflicts

With the advent and booming of cloud computing and cloud-based storage services, the danger of running into a cross-border legal conflict has also grown multi-fold. By storing your data and running your applications internationally, you may run into situations where the laws of 2 or more countries are contradictory. The government of a foreign country may compel you by force of law to commit an act which would violate the laws within your own country.

What is USA Patriot Act and How it Affects Cloud Data Storage:

Having to comply with the laws of 2 countries, even if those laws are opposite of each other can be a huge pain. For example if you run your business from within Canada and use an American (USA-based) cloud storage service provider then you run the risk of being a victim of The USA Patriot Act, which is one of the most notoriously infamous pieces of legislation in US history.

It allows the FBI to perform warrant-less searches without grounds for suspicion, and the subjects of these searches can be forbidden from talking about what happened to them. And a Patriot Act search of a Canadian company’s data would automatically make them to violate the Canadian PIPEDA privacy law.

As you see, the law is a complex and subjective thing. When working with Software-as-a-Service or cloud applications, you can often eliminate potential headaches by storing your data domestically and working with domestic service providers.

SaaSCanada is such an online backup review site that focuses exclusively on Canadian online backup companies. Before this site, there was never a truly complete listing of online backup services designed exclusively for Canadians.

Most other online backup review sites focused exclusively on the broader online backup market or on particular niches such as Server backups or home backups.

Other online backup review sites primarily focus on the major players within the online backup market, and ignore the thousands of smaller independent online backup vendors. But because SaaSCanada focuses on such a tight niche, our list is able to include includes all of the smaller independent providers that would’ve been ignored by a broader reviews site.

This empowers consumers by providing them with greater selection and a better opportunities for finding the most appropriate backup at the best possible price.

Dealing with a Canadian provider also ensures that you’ll be billed in Canadian dollars, so you won’t be over-charged because of a fluctuating exchange rate.

Canadians are very fortunate to have legally protected privacy rights which are matched by very few countries in the world. By signing up with a Canadian backup provider, you can ensure that those privacy rights will be respected when backing up your data.


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