Samsung Galaxy S III Launched; Features, Specifications and Review

Samsung has just officially launched the new Galaxy flagship phone, the S III at an event in London. On May 29th, the handset will be available to buy, either on a new contract, as an upgrade, or just outright, SIM free and unlocked. But, after all the rumors and built-up expectations relating to Samsung Galaxy S III have come to pass, we wonder if it was all worth it and how Samsung’s newest super smartphone might change Android.

But before we proceed with the technical features, full specifications and screen size etc, let me warn you — The Samsung Galaxy S III design is ugly. You have a first look at it and you will start wondering, “how did something like this ever make it out of Samsung’s design studio?” Don’t get me wrong; specs wise the S III is still a great smartphone that we have ever seen but megapixels and gigabytes don’t mean anything if they’re not wrapped up in a decent package, so is the Samsung Galaxy S 3 a worthy successor to the much-loved Galaxy S 2? Lets find out…

Galaxy S III Design

This rounded-corner design that was first seen in Galaxy S I and later dropped in the S II has now returned in the new Galaxy S III. With more rounded edges and a plastic form factor it might not be a design that many hard-core smartphone fans are going to find attractive.

Where Samsung falls behind its direct competitor is in the actual feel of the phone. Although the sides of the white Galaxy S III and the front of the dark blue version both sport a brushed metal look, they’re made out of good old plastic. Alas, as much as we wished Samsung would move away from cheap-feeling (if sturdy) materials, the GS III is just keeping up with tradition.

However, the distinctive metallic rim is seen around the phone’s edges, consistent with rest of the Samsung Galaxy flagship models. But it is disappointing not to have screen-embedded buttons in the S III, as it would have made an excellent addition to the device. Samsung has said the Galaxy S III design was inspired by nature, with its minimal and organic look that is reflected by its smooth and non-linear lines of the device. However, I’m not entirely sure  if consumers are going to agree to that!

Samsung Galaxy S III Hardware Specs

The handset official specs include a super large display screen with 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display with a 720p resolution (1,280×720 pixels), HSPA+ connectivity, an 8-megapixel camera, 2,100mAh removable battery, as well as a quad-core Exynos processor. It runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as its operating system, and will come in two color options: blue or white.

Samsung has also made its 2,100mAh battery removable, and the handset will come in three storage capacities: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB (this latter size won’t be immediately available). In addition, it has a microSD card slot for up to another 64GB of storage. The handset will have 1GB RAM for running applications.

Like the S II, the S III will feature an 8-megapixel camera and it also sports a “select your best shot” feature after taking multiple shots. The 8-megapixel camera on the new Samsung phone is integrated better than on the One X: it sits flush with the back of the phone instead of protruding from it.

Galaxy S III Release Date

On May 29th, the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available to buy and will launch in 145 countries in partnership with 296 wireless carriers, with the 3G HSPA+ version set to launch in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East in May, while a 4G model will make its debut in the United States, Japan, and Korea later this summer.


The plastic feeling of the Galaxy S3 won’t appeal to all. It feels very lightweight (despite tipping the scales at 133g) in the hand, and some people will read this as feeling a little cheap. Having said that, they did just the same for the Galaxy S II and it’s sales figure was enough to silent any critic. I will be interested to see if I’m proven wrong this time around though.

Overall, the effect is much more like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus than anything else – rounded edges, HD screen and whatnot. When there isn’t any doubt the processor is pretty impressive, however, there is a worry that the quad core 1.4 GHz Exynos CPU could suck battery power a little too dramatically.

But the first ever 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display screen looks great, the slick operation under the finger is exactly what we wanted and the little touches like the rippling lock screen do actually feel quite natural.


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