Samsung Launching Nexus Two With Android 2.3 Gingerbread

If you have planned to get an android cell phone for you in the next couple of weeks, then this should be the news for you! There is something coming up without the chains of contract. No more tying up for a couple of years with a contract. It’s the second in its family, it’s the Nexus 2.  It seems that Samsung will release a new smartphone, Samsung Nexus Two which will have Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system with the hope that Samsung Nexus Two will have at least the same succes as Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung Launching Nexus Two With Android 2.3

According to resources, Google and Samsung are going to announce the Nexus 2 in a conference which is scheduled to be held on Nov 8th 2010 at New York. It may be a rumor but, if it is true then Nexus 2 will be powered with the latest Android Operating System; Android 2.3 to be precise. There is rumor about the carriers too. It is going to be launched with multiple numbers of carriers, which would leave the customers with a plenty of option. And, we shall not forget, Nexus is famous for its no-contract availability!

The bigger part of the game here is the hardware. After Nexus One turned out to be a big flop, we already received confirmation from Google that HTC would be no more related to Nexus One in future. So who else could be the hardware maker this time, other than Samsung as they hold an edge because of their expertise in Android mobile phones, out of which few are huge success too! There are a lot of speculations about the design and development of the gadget. There are also news flowing about the retail availability of Nexus 2 instead of only online purchases.

It’s probably only a rumor and may be hard to believe. But, I would suggest waiting for a couple of weeks to see what comes up on the Nov 8th conference. There are possibilities to have the most powerful Android device powered by Android 2.3 within. Despite Froy Android 2.2 has not yet been established in the market, Google have decided to throw more coal on the locomotive, anticipating its advanced edition operating system to their advantage to get more and more open competition. So be prepared and let’s hope for the best to come.


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