Sculptris is Full of Awesomeness, Free 3D Modeling Software [Review]

I just came across a software — Sculptris — which is unbelievably awesome. The story goes like this; I was working today and a very old dude of mine pings me on Skype. He gives me a link to check in my free time. The website never looked classy though, with a download, forum and a few more hyperlinks. Download! Amazingly the software download was only 3.2 MB. My expectation from the software was almost nil. Now, even an iPhone app often crosses 3000Kilo bytes mark. So how good is this software? I was thinking this, when I extracted the zip folder. No setup.exe there; strange!

Anyway, I had to give it a try. I opened the application file and there it opens. This is by far the simplest interface I have ever seen for a 3D modeling software. Oh Yeah! You have heard it correctly. 3d modeling software for just 3.2 Mbs. And, please don’t underestimate its power until you use it yourself.

Sculptris is Full of Awesomeness, Free 3D Modeling Software

It’s totally awesome. You can create a 3d object from a sphere, color it and change the back ground and so many things. I have been into this software since 1 hour and still I can’t close it. It’s crazy. What was supposed to be a short spin became an hour of prodding and playing around with every tool of this incredible creation. Here is a quick video showing how easy it is to create a 3D creature from a sketch in Sculptris:

How to Sculpt from Concept to Creature – Sculptris Tutorial

It’s free, and it’s accessible. I once downloaded Blender and spent an hour trying to figure it out to no avail. With Sculptris, I got it, started playing around, and in less than an hour I was able to create this rudimentary star fish. And I have no previous experience with any sort of 3D graphics (except for a bit of SketchUp).

Incredible 3D Modeling Created in Sculptris 1.0

Of course, it’ll be foolish enough to compare the software with maestros like Maya, Zbrush and so on. But, Sculptris stands numero uno in its genre. This software is free to download. Once you finish sculpting your character, you can export it or paint it. Painting renders the image, and then you get a completely different set of tools for painting over the surfaces, as though you have baked your sculpture and now you’re decorating it. You are no longer able to change its shape, but you get a wide, sophisticated array of brushes and painting options and all tools are aware of the 3D nature of your sculpture. It’s not like painting a 2D bitmap.

This tool is a real tour de force in UI design and user friendliness; it is responsive, powerful, and fast. I can’t believe it isn’t better known. You simply have to download Sculptris and try it! Be prepared to lose an hour or two, though.


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