Should You Buy Lumia 640 and 640XL?

You can call Lumia Smartphones ‘underdogs’ of smartphone industry. Their sales, compared to Apple’s and Samsung’s are fewer. Despite the mighty Microsoft and the Windows backing it up, Lumia’s share in the market barely touches 3 percent mark. But don’t be fooled with their share of pie.

The new smartphones in series, Lumia 640 and 640 XL are one of the best budget smartphones released by Microsoft. These phones feature a size of 5.7 inches (XL) and runs on some impressive piece of hardware. But it all comes down to whether it’s the phone for you – should you buy it? Here, I will list some of the ups and downs so you can better judge if this is worth the investment.

The big screen looks and feels good but you might not like the UI if you aren’t fond of screen crowded with tiles. The other thing is, since there are so many tiles, one might feel he/ she needs a bigger screen to make the most of that interface.

Okay, so you can go for the XL version. But XL version will feel huge. The experience of watching videos and using Office 365 will be like none other, but are you okay with using this phone as your main device for texting and calling?

The above features aren’t bad by any means. I would say it is just a matter of perspective. Here are some real ups and downs of Lumia 640.

USP (Unique Selling Point)

The body looks and feels good in your hand. Lumia 640 features matte cover so even if you use it a bit roughly, there will be no smudges at its back.

Performance is where you will never be disappointed. You will have a powerful processor with 1GB of RAM plus an option to upgrade your 8GB memory to 128GB. If you think 1GB RAM isn’t enough for you, know beforehand that this phone doesn’t consume RAM like other android phones in this price range do. Gaming or apps, nothing feels laggy here.

Just like its build quality, its 15 MP camera is great, a joy for those obsessed with selfies. The OS feels different in a good way and is highly customizable. Using Office application in this phone is just too good.

Lumia 640 also features a 3,000 mAh battery which offers good amount of playback and a good interval between two charging sessions.


The phone shows no instruction so how to open the back. So use the booklet to familiarize yourself. Though the camera’s hardware and performance is great, its software is a bit annoying. Lumia features different cam apps which it needs to blend into one comprehensive app.

Another problem I feel with this phone is that it could have been a little less expensive. A price tag of more than $200 feels a tad bit more especially when you have android phones around this range with a bit more flair.

Perhaps the real problem that is of concern to most people around the world is the ‘app-gap’. While Google Play Store and Apple Store feature tons of engaging apps, Windows phones feature lackluster Microsoft which offers half-baked apps. Still, minimalists who keep their apps limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and couple of games will not complain.

There’s also good news for Android app-lovers – it seems MS has finally decided to bring Google’s Play Store apps to all MS and Nokia Lumia Smartphones. Their most recent revelation seems a bit shocking but it seems that Microsoft is taking desperate measures in these desperate times.

Whatever the case, if this works out as Microsoft plans, 640and 640 XL may be the biggest mid-range hits from Lumia Series.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

So in the end, it really does come down to your preference. If you are okay with fewer apps, and love that tiled metro interface, you’ll feel right at home. 640 and 640XL have decent features, and if they could come at a lesser price and feature more apps, they would make a great secondary phone, if not the main.

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