Since it’s Launch What Critics Are Saying About the iPad

Yesterday when I hit the publish button of the article “What People Said About the iPod 9 Years Ago When it Launched” I didn’t know that it would generate so much of stir among our readers (number of times this article has been retweeted is perhaps it’s proof)! If you have not read that article yet, then I would urge you to read that first before coming back and reading this article.

I love constructive criticism and at times I myself love to see things from a critic’s perspective. So when something comes to my notice that involves criticism (both positive and negative) it instantly catches my attention. Looking at the reactions to yesterday’s iPod criticism post, and considering that Apple has just recently launched the iPad (on 26th Jan), I think it is time to write something about the amount of criticism iPad is generating at the moment!

What Critics Are Saying About the iPad

I’ll have more to say on the iPad later in a different post, but one can’t help being struck by the volume and vehemence of apparently technologically sophisticated people inveighing against the iPad at the momentSome are trying to dismiss these ravings by comparing them to certain comments made after the launch of the iPod in 2001: “No wireless. Les space than a Nomad. Lame.”. I fear what we’re seeing in the industry’s reaction to the iPad is nothing less than future shock. Here is what people are saying about iPad at the moment:

– I’m shocked. So much hype for such a pedestrian device.

– No Flash support. This means the browser isn’t a full REAL browser. Why did they do this?

– The lack of a digital TV tuner does it for me. Lack of an Apple application dedicated to filling out forms and taking notes with a stylus is also a big disappointment.

– Honestly, I was expecting Apple to make their own version of what Lenovo has with their U1. It’s a small tablet and a laptop… combined. 11.6″ screen, Full OS, camera, and a bunch of other stuff. This would’ve been a day one purchase for me but alas…

– Can you download files on this thing? The domain of the iPad seems to revolve about your credit card (oops the iStores)

– No USB port. You can get an app to enable file transfer. But if you did want to watch movies on this device, then you’re going to be limited by the available onboard memory. Steve’s way of juicing you for more money. But other than that, if you’re going on a trip and want several movies, it would be nice to be able to put them on a USB flash drive and play them from that. After all, this is supposed to be a device for entertainment, right? If you’re on a flight, then you can’t pay Apple for an iTunes movie. It’s a nice device designed to make Apple money at every opportunity and to prevent any free entertainment. I love my Macbook Pro. The iPad had potential, but failed to live up to it.

– It uses LCD which is poor for reading.

– For those of us not stuck in the dark ages, video calling is a big need. I’ve even bought my 85 year old parents and in-laws and non-techie brothers and sisters and kids the standalone Asus Video Skype devices, because they’re appliances that just plain work.

– My daughter plays Flash games. I like to view technical sites with Flash video reviews and news. Even the NYTimes has it. An appliance should meet my family’s needs NOW, not be involved in some high-minded battleground for a war that will last years.

– The biggest problem with the iPad is that it’s not just being sold as an appliance. Appliances are useful but often dull. It’s being sold as “magical” and the next great thing. Alas, the UI is old hat (just as much of the iPhone UI was old hat to me, a touch developer, so now you understand my jaded view of it)… there’s nothing compelling about it.

– The iPad is so clearly geared as yet another way for Apple to suck people’s money via iTunes, it’s almost ridiculous. They might as well change their logo from an Apple to a something like a hand reaching into pockets.

– The problem I have with the iPad is that Steve said it was a device between a smartphone/iPod Touch and a laptop. My own idea for this device was exactly what Steve stated at the start of the show. Then it wasn’t.

– Without flash it’s not the ultimate web machine. It just isn’t. YES – flash is beginning to have a threat from HTML5 – but lets face it, flash, TODAY, is an epic, large, huge, integral part of the internet experience. Like it or hate it – it just is. Trying to sell a device as being the ultimate browsing experience with it – is like trying to sell a car as the ultimate driving machine…without doors.

– Macbook, iPod Touch, and a Dell Mini 10v running 10.6.2… I have no need for this, and I would not trade my iPod Touch and my Dell Mini Netbook, which combined prices are cheaper than an iPad, for this new device.

– I would have gone out and bought it if it could run OS X, but at this point, it’s just a big iPhone, but without a camera and a phone.

– The only really cool thing about it is the new iWork apps. Other than that it’s basically just a bigger iPod Touch. Who needs one of these if you already have a MacBook and an iPod Touch?

– The only thing that separates it from an iPod Touch is that it’s bigger and has 3G capability. So, it’s way too expensive, IMO, and you still have to pay for the data use. I was hoping it would be auto-tethered to the iPhone. It’s definitely not “magical.”

– What a disappointment. Nothing but a big expensive iTouch.

– They should have just made a slightly larger iPhone with a higher resolution display and packed most of this stuff in it. I’m really unsure what to think of the iPad. It’ll go the way of the Apple TV. There’s no real purpose – it’s too big to carry around in your pocket, and if you were to carry one in a bag, you’d be far better getting a MacBook so you can at least do more. I think basing the whole thing on the iPhone OS is a bit weak.

– Nope!  Not impressed, not gonna get it…
No built-in camera
No built-in 3G in the standard unit
No built-in GPS in the standard unit
No built-in SD card slot, forcing us to buy a adapter
No Multitasking
No Mac OS X, running the limited iPhone OS
So much to name…

via MacRumors

People talk about Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, and I don’t disagree that the man has a quasi-hypnotic ability to convince. There’s another reality distortion field at work, though, and everyone that makes a living from the tech industry is within its tractor-beam. At any rate, it would be really interesting to come back and read these critism lets say after a decade! What do you say?


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