Sony Ericsson’s Disturbing Xperia Play Promotional Video Ad Has A Sequel Now [Video]

We had already seen the creepy, disturbing and highly disgusting promotional video advertisement that Sony Ericsson released to promote its upcoming Android-powered Xperia Play handset back in February. If you had thought it was creepy and weird, then you were wrong! The company is now treading the same creepy path, and has outed a sequel to the commercial most of us disliked; this time even creepier!

The Xperia Play Android gaming phone was displayed in the commercial that had an Android robot sticking out a creepy thumb. You might have not liked the way the ad was made, but you were curious about how the thumb had come therein the first place. This sequel to the commercial tells you how. The ad has been titled “The Donor”, and continues with its creepiness. If you didn’t like the first one, the sequel is something you will love to hate.

It’s not the first time that Sony has risen to the top of controversy with its weird and disturbing commercials. Unfortunately, for the company’s lawyers and others in their PR team, Sony Ericsson has once again shot to the top of controversy thanks to the highly disturbing commercial that can be viewed below.

Sony Xperia Play – ‘The Donor’ [Video Ad]

In case you are someone who missed the first part, we have that one also posted below for you.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – The Android is Ready to Play [Video]

If Sony intends to raise awareness for the device by releasing some of the most disturbing commercials ever seen, they have hit gold. However, for companies, not all publicity is good publicity and only time will tell whether or not this worked out in favor of Sony. Until the public gives it verdict, you can check out the commercial for yourself below and give your opinions below and let’s hope that Sony Ericsson will not release a third installment of this twisted and dark story.


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