Step By Step Guide To Unlock All The Stages In Angry Birds Game [Android]

Angry Birds is one of the most popular and addictive mobile games around and since it has recently released its latest version for Android, we decided to share some trick for our readers as to how to Unlock or Access all Stages in Angry Birds. So here’s a cheat that will help you unlock all worlds on the Android version of Angry Birds.

How To Unlock All The Stages In Angry Birds

It takes the fun out of playing through each world the game, but at least it lets you see different areas, some of which you may not have otherwise been able to reach. Using this little cheat/hack, you can unlock the different worlds of the game without having to beat each level. And since some of those pigs are impossible to smash, you’ll probably end up doing this.

Step by Step Guide on How to Unlock or Access ALL Stages/Worlds in Angry Birds Game [Android]

1. Go to a World Select Screen
2. Center a locked world on your screen
3. Hit the back button on your Android phone until you exit Angry Birds
4. Load Angry Birds back up
5. When you see the ‘Play’ button, tap the button repeatedly
6. You’re now inside a locked world

However, be warned! You might not feel the same accomplishment the rest of us honest, hard working gamers feel!


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