Student’s iPod Explodes In Busy Class

When a song becomes popular, teens might say it’s “blowing up.” At Pentucket Regional High School, the term took on a more literal meaning. Getting attention in class was never so easy scary! But, if you’re after a sure-fire solution to grabbing your teacher’s eye, blowing up your iPod is always an option.

Such was the case, it seems, for one high school student, whose iPod recently exploded “spontaneously” on her desk in the middle of class. Firemen and police were of course called to the scene, and no one, fortunately, was hurt. At first, officials couldn’t exactly figure out why the device suddenly erupted the way it did. It seemed, according to the local Newburyport News, that it was just another one of Apple‘s mysteriously explosive iPods and iPhones.

iPod Fire Scare is a Reality Student's iPod Explodes In Busy Class

Some chemicals had come out, so we checked and made sure it was OK and cleared the scene,” West Newbury fire Chief Scott Berkenbush said. “No one was transported. The teenager was checked out by (American Medical Response technicians) and not transported.

As The Consumerist reports, though, a father of one of the students in the classroom claims that the student took it apart, and, for some reason, thought it would be a good idea to rub wires against the gadget’s lithium ion battery. This account, of course, isn’t exactly verifiable, since the alleged father simply posted it on the Newsburyport News message board underneath the original article. Even if it is true, it still doesn’t explain why the student did it. Then again, though, he did mention that the class had been taught by a substitute teacher all week, which would totally explain why a kid would decide to go all Hendrix on her iPod.

At any rate, the incident was not the first for Apple, the maker of iPod, which has been sued for the device catching fire or exploding in people’s pockets. For a majority of the cases, Apple has claimed they are not liable. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has suggested iPods’ lithium batteries could be to blame for the problem.

Does anybody else find it funny that more than 250 million iPods have been sold worldwide and recently Apple announced it hit 10 billion songs sold on iTunes and gave away $10,000 as Gift?


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