Super Laptop – This is The Best Laptop You’ve Ever Seen

Ever knew that a box could turn into something really cool? May be an ultra-geeky laptop? You got to watch this little video to know what I’m talking about. This is the best laptop I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Honest! If I were to choose a name for this I would have called this model something like — dual desk dual chick duo“!

Super Laptop - This is The Best Laptop You've Ever Seen

I wonder what Steve Jobs would do if he gets to see this. Fasten your seat belts fellas and forget about iPhone 4. An Apple iLaptop might be coming this summer! However, only thing this awesome laptop lacks is a wide screen and it doesn’t play 3D blue-ray as does Toshiba Satellite A665! I don’t mind if someone calls this NSFW, but this gadget is pure genius!

Super Laptop – The Best Laptop Ever

apple from seeing this video


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