TechInline Re-Defines Web Based Remote PC Access Technology

If you came across this article while searching for the best TeamViewer alternative available today, then its your lucky day. While there is a group of folks who use (and love) TeamViewer, not everyone’s IT budget can justify the $700 expense. If you’re in need of a good, zero-config Remote Desktop alternative,  then we have good news.

The concept of remotely connecting to another computer is appealing. But the associated complexity of configuration and the prices for acquiring such an application can be too complicated and costly for most users. Keeping this in mind, Techinline team have come up with an easy way to connect to someone else’s computer from any part of the world and with no settings at all!

What is Techinline Remote Desktop?

Techinline Remote Desktop is a web based remote support software for consultants, IT experts and technical support groups. It seamlessly supports desktop sharing and file transfer that works with firewalls and corporate proxy, as well.

Techinline Remote Desktop works with PCs running Windows, and provides remote control and desktop viewing, clipboard synchronization, file transfer and text based chat. The combination of remote control and remote viewing mean the suite is equally well suited to providing remote technical support and remote training.

The Simplicity Of Use is What Makes Techinline Remote Desktop A Gem

The great thing when employing Techinline Remote Desktop is that it is firewall and proxy transparent, meaning that these applications will consider the remote control session as a regular web browsing activity and will allow it automatically.

The application also allows the user to choose between the three options regarding image quality: average, good and excellent. If the remote screen is bigger than the local one, you can opt for Auto Scale or Auto Scroll.

To be honest, Techinline Remote Desktop is perhaps one of the most basic remote PC desktop software; but hey, it was never designed to be a remote tool. There are no cluttered task bars or interfaces. You can’t use a webcam or audio. It does not have file transfer support. You won’t be able to access your customer’s computer unattended. You won’t be able to restart the customer’s computer either. There are no upgrades offered for the remote desktop software. Techinline has an extremely limited feature set. But the features that are available work fabulously.

In our trial we found out that Techinline Remote Desktop is an easy to use and reasonably priced alternative to some of the complex and expensive remote support tools on the market (ie LogMeIn, Webex, Teamviewer, etc) and offers a cost-effective and reliable alternative to some of the already well-known and recognized remote support products.

Techinline Remote Desktop Security

Unlike most other mainstream remote access software, Techinline does not use an AES encryption code. Instead, only an SSL/TLS encryption is used. Techinline also uses Comodo’s service to protect any private data. The user can easily end the session at any time simply by clicking “Stop.” The different functions are meaningfully labeled and are self-explanatory.

Techinline Remote Desktop Licensing

There are two versions of the TechinLine service. The “unlimited” subscription license offers complete freedom over the term of your purchase. The “pay as you go” per-session license ensures that you only pay for the amount of times the service is used. All payment plans offer complete functionality, branding, and 24/7 support.

The monthly subscription (unlimited number of sessions) stats at just $30 per month and is ideal for small business groups. The pay-per-session plan allows users to pay each time they use a session, and is ideal for those who access computers remotely very sporadically. This plan starts with 5 session bundle that comes at $20. Each plan is very affordable when compared to other remote PC access software providers.

Overall, the application is amazing and incredibly easy to handle. Its users are bound to like Techinline because of its clean and uncluttered displays, which makes it super-easy to find the various tools with the minimum of clutter. Give it a try and tell us if you are not amazed.


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