The Android Car; Coming Soon, To A Showroom Near You

This might sound unbelievable, but we’ll have the possibility to drive an Android car pretty soon! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) held this year revealed that manufacturers intend to produce automobiles which are compatible with the astonishing mobile operating system developed by Google. Numerous individuals, regardless of their age, use vehicles and smartphones on a daily basis. The great thing is that sooner or later, these two different discoveries will be available in a single product resulting in an awesome car technology.

Android; An Amazing Operating System, Even for Cars

All those complex in-car entertainment and data systems are really widespread now and they can’t surprise us anymore, but what if we could buy an automobile can be entirely manipulated by a mobile operating system like Android? Apparently, vehicle manufactures have already begun using Android’s source kernel to find ground-breaking ways to synch your amazing smartphone with your vehicle’s dashboard. Hence, pretty soon, your steering column and your Android device will be connected.

Android-Powered Cars

In case you continue to believe that an Android car is just a fantastic innovation, you should totally go to the children’s shop referred to as Toys R Us located in your area and convince yourself that everything is possible. You will see there some impressive “Ferrari’s” which can be controlled with the help of smartphones only via Bluetooth. So, there is a huge possibility for us to be able to manipulate our real vehicle simply by using our smartphones in the near future.

During CES 2013, more than 100 tech businesses have introduced their astonishing products and services regarding this pioneering theory referred to as “smart cars.” More than a dozen vehicles producers including Ford, General Motors, and Hyundai have displayed various kinds of technology and gadgetry related to their newest vehicles. Note that Android vehicles might be closer than you can imagine! Numerous renowned apps like Waze are likely to include inventive GPS navigation services straight onto your smartphone, and automobile producers are struggling really hard to incorporate personal software programs so that they can take their competitors by surprise.

Vehicle producers like BMW and Audi have launched their personal software platforms like Audi MMI, a platform which features the capacity to incorporate Google Earth images and Maps data. This amazing software is included in their newest A3 model. Several other vehicle manufacturers like Ford utilize in-vehicle systems which work on the Windows Embedded Automotive operating system developed by Microsoft.

The outlook of Android in Automobile Tech

Even though now we are able to take pleasure in a plethora of Android systems, they’re limited to in-dash amusement and navigation, and automobile producers consider that we deserve more than this. Before you know it, your sophisticated Android Car will send notifications when you need to change the oil, as well as when to fix your tires’ pressure. What’s more, it will be able to make it clear for you why the check engine light is on. As you can see, Android appears to be a perfect alternative for this complex affiliation, mainly because it’s a flexible, tough platform that can be adjusted in order to meet the countless wishes of automobile manufacturers.

The Android Vehicle – A Creative, but Sophisticated Invention

There is a huge demand for developers who are interested in generating innovative apps that will sync the automobile and the operating system through suitable and useful software. In fact, Ford has already initiated an open Android API so that it can encourage the creation of Android automobiles that use amazing in-car technologies. Developers can make use of this SDK in order to ease communication between the apps designed by them and the cars produced by Ford. Before the official announcement, the AppLink API featured a limited access, but now, all developers are free to come up with an app and show it to the Ford manufacturing team so that they can examine it.

The revolutionary idea of an OS-powered vehicle appears to be more significant to producers than to clients who generally look for functionality when purchasing a car. As far as technology is concerned, vehicle manufacturers are becoming really competitive and thus they’re constantly struggling to equip their automobiles with the latest features possible. Finally, consumers must be aware of the fact that Android for cell phones is not the same thing as Android for vehicles.

Author Bio: Michael Clark is a regular guest writer at many blogs. He is an ordinary guy as others, but with extraordinary passion for technology and gadgets. He also works for a site which is Porsche parts, servicing and repairs specialist based in Essex London.


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