The Apple’s Journey of Evolution from 1976 to 2007

Apple has always been known to provide it’s customers with amazing products, from Macbooks to iPods. They have revolutionized the way we share music, surf the internet and how we use our cell phones.

As a tribute to Apple’s contribution to humanity we are presenting a visual representation of most all the products Apple has launched starting from it’s early inception in 1976 till 2007. This image documents the ever changing form factor and industrial design of Apple’s products, not every single model number or slide change made to a previous model.

The Apple's Journey of Evolution from 1976 to 2007

Most have been notable leaps forward, while some were famous flops. Whether or not their inventions were accepted by the marketplace, Apple has consistently put out products that raise the bar for the computer and telecommunications industry.

The list compiled for this article is by no means a complete compilation of all Apple products. We chose to highlight those products where the design changes are best appreciated.

Well, here’s how Apple Evolved from 1976 to 2007All in One Picture! (Click the Image Below to Enlarge!)


Over the course of its lifetime as a company, Apple has been responsible for most of the groundbreaking design features that we have come to appreciate on any laptop, computer, or cellphone. Their consistent record as groundbreakers in the design field alone is enough to garner them a cult following; their technological advances simply cement their followers to whatever amazing product they will release next.

What were your experiences with legacy Apple or current Apple products ? We want to hear from you.


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