The Next-Gen Technologies for Instant and Secure Payment Methods are Here

If you remember paying for your groceries with a chequebook, you understand that payment methods in the last few decades have never stopped evolving. Consumers demand faster, safer, and more effortless ways to conduct transactions at the register. In fact, the most innovative developments are rapidly making cash registers a thing of the past. The Point-of-Sale is changing, and customers are beginning to expect ever-shorter wait times when they go shopping. Picking up groceries or filling up at the pumps can be painful enough, so the smartest companies are designing smoother customer experiences to keep up.

QSR Applications

Internet of Things Enables Instant and Secure Payment Methods

Quick service restaurants are the ideal environment for introducing NFC (Near field communication) and HCE (Host card emulation) technologies. Long lineups are typical of the industry and leading edge companies are constantly looking for ways to trim down waiting times without sacrificing quality of service or food. In fact, made-to-order and customized meals are the rule today, meaning preparation times are actually increasing. Reducing transaction times with NFC is compensating for more involved, made-to-order cooking methods. It’s also enabling more automated ordering, as customers can order via computer terminal and pay without human intervention.

While mobile technology has had limited penetration so far in North America’s casual dining scene, many restaurateurs see it as a means to empower clientele. By minimizing end-of-meal frustration often involved in waiting for debit and credit terminals, restaurants are creating better and more enjoyable experiences.


Security is an evolving challenge for mobile app developers, and some believe that tokenization is the next step in creating secure transactions. Storing private account numbers on devices is always a risk, but they are central to card-free payments. Tokenization takes the private account number and translates it out of plain text, allowing an NFC terminal to deliver the token to a cloud. The cloud then translates it back to a number in plain text.

Touchless Payments

Imagine paying for something without taking out your wallet or your phone. App developers Clearbridge Mobile introduced contactless payments at one of Brazil’s largest gas station chains, allowing customers to conduct their transactions without even leaving their cars. The chain, with over five thousand locations, was facing lost revenue due to credit card fraud, in addition to an increase in instances of customers being robbed as they took out their wallets.

In order to protect both the company’s revenues and its patrons, Clearbridge designed an app that combined PayPal with Optical Character Recognition to create an effortless PoS experience. The mobile developers also introduced geo-location as a security feature, requiring GPS confirmation that the user is in fact present at the gas station.

The Internet of Things is changing how consumers expect to interact with retailers. Touchless and NFC transactions are quickly becoming the new standard, and it is more important than ever to work with app developers who look into future security standards. Visit to learn about mobile app development and future proofing applications. Don’t get left behind at the register.


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