The Wild World of Robots (InfoGraphic)

Are you one of those people who find robots fascinating? Do you think that you know all about robots? Think again! Because you’re about to be proven wrong via the infographic that we are going to present. Here are some trivia about robots that we are sure very few already know.

Did You Know These Facts About Robots?

Did you know that “The First Robot” is said to have been constructed by the Greek Mathematician Archytas in 400BC? Called “The Pigeon” it flew 200 meters and was powered by steam!

Trivia - How Well Do You Know Robots (InfoGraphic)

The word Robot was coined in 1920, coming from the Czech word Robota which means “Compulsory Labor!” Interestingly, the word Robot first appeared in a play in which robots are shown destroying the human race. Looking at the success of movies like Terminator, it is amazing how things have not changed much in these 90 years, isn’t it?

The first robotic arm was developed at MIT in 1961. 18 years later, a worker at a Ford plant was struck and killed a robotic arm, marking the first time a human being was killed by a robot.

The American Govt. spent about $570 Million on Robots last year in 2009. This is about as much the navy spends annually to power it’s fleets!

There are 20,000 service robots in the defense industry. The next most common models are the robots made to milk cows!

Interesting facts about robots, aren’t they? If you are interested in knowing more such trivial yet interesting facts, take a look at this infographic:

The Wild World of Robots

If you found these cool facts about robots interesting then feel free to share more such facts with us via comment.


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